Why the beach, if there is a phone?

One of my friend (big red fan "dry") I went to rest in Algarve last summer. Settled there in the number of five-star hotels. Premostly tired of the flight to the sofa, took the ROOM Service menu, raised the phone phone and made his first order in the room. I ordered it seems to be a hare in a white sauce and vegetable stew. Plus three bottles of red wine. He ate it all for half an hour. Repeated the order. After that, according to him, a whole week before the departure did not get out of the room: I ran away, I broke up, ordered flowers and God knows something else. His hands from the room brought down the receptionist when the limousine arrived from the airport.

In general, my buddy returned to Moscow, and without saving to the sea and really not seeing Portugal. But at the same time he was insanely happy and said that he had no better trip in his entire life. Do I need to follow such an example? After all, soon many ours will reach out to the beaches of Portugal. Of course not. Even if you are too much money. And nevertheless, coming to rest in the fabulous Algarve, it must be remembered that this resort is one of the most sophisticated in the world. Here in hotels (class 4, 5 stars) you will be brought to the room almost anything. Besides the beach. This kind of service is, however, in most European five-star hotels. But in exactly the Algarve services that you can order from the room by phone are most diverse.

So, in popular among wealthy ours, the Sheraton Algarve hotel in the phone call, you will not only deliver any dish of three hotel restaurants, fresh fruits, the best wines from your own cellar. If the customer is too picky and wants, let’s say, the vegetarian menu is not trouble. The cook specially will prepare such a lunch, and the porter will immediately bring it. Moreover, using the order telephone service, you can ask for any grocery set of coastal restaurants located within a tens of kilometers away from the hotel. True, such an order "from side" will be more expensive for $ 30.

In another luxury hotel, Algarve Quinta Do Lago, you can order any product from the pool grill, where the coals are baked freshly lined fish, langousts and lamb saddle. QUINTO DO LAGO – a wonderful winecase in which about two hundred types of red and white ports is stored. Any variety "Porto" From the wine club, too, can be ordered in the room. There is also a private delivery service of letters and parcels, thanks to which, without leaving the room, you can send a custom letter or parcel to anywhere in the world.

Why the beach, if there is a phone

Vilamoura Marinotel, in addition to lunch or dinners from four hotel restaurants, can be ordered by any foreign press by phone. True, last summer with our newspapers in the hotel were interruptions. But this year the administration promised to correct. Newspapers will be delivered to those who want to be directly from Lisbon. Today, unfortunately, do not promise, but the daughters will be.

In all hotels, your clothes are understandable, right in the room is taken in washing, dry cleaning and ironing. If you are very hurry, it is enough to call to the hotel laundry and for one and a half hours your clothes will be cleaned and plunged. Everywhere on the phone you can order a basket of flowers on the occasion of an anniversary or just a good mood. About booking a taxi, tickets to museums, on the show, in the casino and there is nothing to say. Telephone service of hotels scrupulously will perform all the wishes of guests. Taking 15-20 percent of the order price.

And, by the way, about the beach! In all the hotels mentioned by Algarve (and most of the other five-star), there are special presidential apartments with a private pool (about three to four meters) and sun loungers. Such rooms cost from $ 900 per day and above. Expensive, but on the crowded beach not necessarily. Took the phone under the mouse – and in the pool.

Why the beach, if there is a phone

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