Why the bats do not hurt a head?

Bats, or rather, manochable – a very interesting group. All transformations in their body went in the name of one goal – learn to fly. As a result, their behavior, and appearance, and even immunity.

If a person gets into his arms, it will very soon feel dizziness. Of course, with the help of training, you can learn how to stand longer, even learn how to walk in your arms, but still a typical position for us – head up. All because the inner ear is "Gyroscope", which allows you to navigate in space, is configured in people to walk down, and the inverted position causes discomfort. The bats have no such barrier. Due to the adaptation to the active flight, they equally feel good in any position. It’s not only in habit – their internal organs also rebuilt so that in the inverted state blood did not flow under the action of gravity against the desired direction, and the valves are increased and reinforced.

Another experiment. Try to hang down your head, clinging for something legs. Even relaxing as much as possible, you will feel that certain muscle groups are tense. Maximum relaxed condition for a person – lying on his back. The bats on the contrary. They rest hanging down their heads. And at the expense of the special structure of tendons and cartilage, they, hacking behind the protrusions in the cave ceiling, can relax and do not fall.

How bats occupy this situation? It is known that the skeleton of birds is much facilitated for flights. Also in the manocharged. Their bones are thin, therefore fragile. And fragile bones are a problem with landing, especially when you fly at high speed. Severe two types of landing: four touch and two touches. In the first case, the animal clings to the front, and the rear legs, and then it makes a jerk to hang down your head. But this jerk is so strong that it can cost him bones with an unsuccessful landscape. Such a strategy is characteristic of the volatile mice clinging for trees where the blow can soften the wood. But on the rocks it is not necessary to beat once again, so the hands-ups were sought to do with the touch of two limbs.

Why the bats do not hurt a head

Another interesting fact: Despite the fact that the bats are mammals, the temperature of their body is impermanent. By the way, that is why the bats are hurt much less than us, although a person carries to ten different viral agents in himself, and in the bats of their mice about 17.

The wing of a volatile mouse is finely stretched skin, in which there are blood vessels, and the nerve endings, which allows you to quickly cool the body. Hanging in the cave where they live, bats often wrapped in the wings, as in the cloak, it is in order to reduce heat loss. But it is calm. And during the flight, the muscles work at a high pace and highlight a lot of heat. So much that with constant heat loss, the body still has a temperature of about 40 ° C. Such a warmth avoids many diseases.

The ability to adapt allowed the manwork spread all over the globe, except for the Arctic and Antarctic, perhaps.

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