Why the Americans are called pindos?

The first is that before the pindos called some nations of Northern Greece, some of which lived in the mountains of Pind. At first, this derogatory crossing was used exclusively in the circles of the Greeks-emigrants, but then it was accustomed in the south of Ukraine. Because here lived predominantly the Greeks – «Ponteos», Attitude towards coming «Pindos» Leaving to desire the best. Later, this nickname was sticking to Americans, mainly due to their military «Travel».

According to the second version, nickname «Pindos» It happened from Serbohorvatsky «penguin». Allegedly loaded in hikes by military ammunition American soldiers are very similar to the marching penguins.

Why the Americans are called pindos

Well, the third version states that «Pendos» It happened from Spanish «pendejos», Translated, as «moron». That is how insulting latinos call the American military. And together with them and all US citizens.

It is noteworthy that especially popular words «Pindos», «Pindostan» and «Pindosia» steel in 1999, during a military conflict in Kosovo. In one of the reports from Kosovo, a our soldier mentioned the nickname that American «Peacemakers» Received from local residents. Since then, this nickname entered in everyday life along with other insults applied to the Americans. For example, such as «amerikosy» and «Yankee».

Why the Americans are called pindos

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