Why the All Airlines Credit Card is the best choice for a traveler?

Today we will talk about one of the most popular credit cards in the our market &# 8211; All Airlines from the Bank &# 8220; Tinkof Credit Systems&# 8221;.

What is the advantage of the All Airlines cards for travelers?

First, it is Ability to save miles, which can be spent on buying tickets.

For every 100 rubles, written off from All Airlines, you get:

  • 3 miles when buying a ticket
  • 2 miles when performing any other purchases
  • 1 mile, when paying via the Internet or mobile bank (payment of the phone, utility services and T.D.)

At the moment, several banks offer special cards for travelers, but All Airlines have an important advantage &# 8211; It is not tied to mile airline programs.

What does it mean for you?

For example, accumulating 6000 miles on the map of Citibank Miles & More You will be able to spend them only for flights from Star Alliance. Alliance includes only 28 companies, among them LOT, LUFTHANSA, SWISS, Turkish Airlines, United and others. our carriers are not in this list.

The same 6000 miles accumulated on the map All Airlines can be spent on air tickets purchased for flights absolutely any airline, including Loadosta as Ryanair, Easy Jet, Wizz Air and T.D.

Second advantage &# 8211; this is Triple accumulation of miles. Since All Airlines is not a co-branding card of the airline or alliance, then no one bothers you to save miles at once on several maps:

  • On the map All Airlines when buying a ticket (3% of the cost will be returned to your miles account).
  • On the bonus map of the airline or the alliance that you specify when buying a ticket.
  • In the service loyalty system where you buy a ticket.

Third advantage &# 8211; Free tourist insurance With the sum of the coating &# 8211; $ 50,000. This is quite enough to obtain a visa to any country in the world. And for lovers of the mountain skiing, snowboarding or surfing to insurance included the "Activities" option.

Advantage number four &# 8211; Bonuses from partners. The bank regularly conducts various promotions together with its partners and returns you to the percentage card or a certain amount when buying.

Fifth advantage &# 8211; this is credit. You can relate to the loan in different ways &# 8211; someone strongly opposed to borrow money, someone without it already can not imagine their life, but they both can benefit from the loan, using his travels.

Why traveler credit card?

Credit card &# 8211; An indispensable assistant and chopstick for professional travelers.

Booking hotels, air tickets, cars You will definitely encounter freezing of funds on the map.

For example, when you return the airflight, no money is returned immediately. Depending on the airline and payment method, this period may be from 2 to 60 days. If you pay with a credit card, you freeze not your money, and money bank.

With hotels and machines the situation is similar. On unlocking funds in case of cancellation you need time, and if it is not and money is needed urgently?

With a similar situation, you will encounter when settling in the hotel. As a rule, the guests are demanding a deposit. The more expensive the hotel, the higher. If, when you pay, you used a regular debit card, then the hotel will freeze your blood deposited on the journey, and will return them, most likely, only 2 weeks after eviction.

Another situation is when a credit card is simply irreplaceable – force majeure, for example, stolen cash, or, God forbid, there was insurance case.

Most insurance policies suggest that in case of illness you buy medicines for your money or pay for medical care, and then the insurance company returns to you spent the spent.

Not all travelers when planning the budget of the trip, take into account the cost of force majeure situations.

How to pay flight Miles All Airlines?

Balance miles can be viewed in your personal account:

Pay for the ticket accumulated miles very simple. You are buying tickets on the All Airlines map and then in your personal account on the TKS Bank website, click on the tab &# 8220; compensation&# 8221;.

From the list you choose the operation for which you want to return the money for a ticket, confirm it, and for 24 hours the money will return to your account!

There are certain subtleties here, but they can be easily bypass. You can compensate only the operation of the entire operation, and not a separate air ticket.

Why the All Airlines Credit Card is the best choice for a traveler

For example, you have accumulated 10,000 miles and bought 2 air tickets for 10,000 rubles each transaction. The total amount turned out 20,000 rubles. Unfortunately, in this case, a wage of 10,000 miles will not work, t.To. Accrual goes to the transaction, and not on the ticket. If you have enough miles on one air ticket, it is better to buy them separately. By the way, in some cases it comes out even more profitable.

If you lack a little mile for compensation &# 8211; that’s all right. You have another 90 days after purchase, to accumulate the required amount of miles and make the netting.

The mile accumulation system itself is extremely simple: there is no division into qualifying and unqualified miles, like some airlines. When paying the ticket miles, 1 mile is equal to one ruble.

How to get a map All Airlines?

TKS Bank has no departments, an application for a card must be filled out online on the website www.TCSBANK.Ru.

After you fill out and send a form with personal data, a representative of the bank will contact you and inform if your application approved on or not.

An employee of the Bank will agree with you about the arrival time of the courier. He will bring you an agreement on the signature, take pictures, give the user manual and the ALL AIRLINES card itself. Now you will only remain to activate and get a PIN code.

By the way, when you activate the card you will receive 1000 miles as a gift.

Fill in the application for the All Airlines card right now and fly around the world for free!

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Just thought to change my on this &# 8211; thanks for the info!

I will copy my feedback about the bank with Facebook 🙂

Places he is a little laudatory, places there are criticism. I was tried for this review to throw out tomatoes – I still stand on my own 🙂

Map Ot &# 8220; Tinkof Credit Systems&# 8221; I use almost every day – for everyday spending in Russia I consider it the most convenient.

The application for iPhone is also the best among all banks in Russia – minor payments for the phone, for the Internet and it completely replaced QIWI&# 8230; Money to move the second to each other (we have a few people of Tinkov’s cards in our company – with a total account in the restaurant to translate one-friend a second thing).

In the application, a convenient placement in the form of timeline.

Once he was Fail – his wife translated money on her card, I came to SMS that my card was blocked 🙂 Well, nothing – one call and immediately dismissed. Speak suspicious payment.

Sapport among all the banks are the best for the usual client. Helped to remove with 2 different references for the British Consulate. Fast dialing and overall well.

When I came to Russia liked to use QIWI – but now he looked off as himself&# 8230; I also use AlfaBank (the company’s current account in it and the salary project)&# 8230; Alpha compared to other banks is also less, but the Congestive Commission for Service. Monthly fee for each application for iPhone! (I have 2 of them). Alpha still has a couple of advantages anyway because of which I will continue to be used.

Cons for bank cards TKS also have. The main minus is the card chip, and there is a signature priority instead of Pina. Ancient collective farm. Because of this, strains arose – require a document. This bustle of the checkout is annoying – especially when there is no document and have to reach the Alphabank map.

In any case for everyday life – Map from TKS Excellent product.

I recommend familiar and friends.

P.S. I use only a debit and a small contribution – wrote everything about the debit. Credit card as Belarus do not give. I am sure that for customers with a credit card – the quality of service is also at the level&# 8230; All the same for the bank the main business – credit cards.

We have colleagues AllAirlines card – saves mile 🙂

I use this card for several months. translation course miles back into rubles &# 8211; a solid rip-off. Kopish kopish-mile, and then it turns out that for the ticket, for example, in 6100 rubles must pay as much as 9,000 miles, and for the value of 9856 rubles a ticket &# 8211; 12,000 miles. That’s Mine!

Map seemingly interesting, just to get it is not so easy. By ordering this card instead brought at least a Platinum, t.ie under the guise of this bait bank imposes its other services, that does bad faith

Why the All Airlines Credit Card is the best choice for a traveler

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