Why the airline ticket is more expensive than on other sites?

If you ever compare ticket prices on different sites, they noticed that in 99% of cases, they are different everywhere. And often it happens that on the site of the airline itself, they are more expensive or, more strange, there is no such flight.

Why is this happening?

To begin with, we will deal with the first case when the air ticket from the agent is lower than on the airline’s website.

All air tickets are booked through one of the global booking systems (GDS), the most popular Amadeus and Galileo.

On the one hand, airlines unload information about flights and tariffs. On the other hand the consolidators &# 8211; Wholesale sellers of airline tickets.

As in any other business, wholesale purchases are much cheaper than retail. Manufacturers try to attract as much major wholesalers as possible and for this offer them special prices, discounts and other conditions.

The same thing happens in the Aviandustria. Large airline consolidators sell tickets cheaper, by confidential tariffs or pay a high commission.

Further all depends on the policy of the consolidator itself or agent. It can set the price higher than that of the airline, the same or below.

And what about the flights that are not on the airline’s website?

Why the airline ticket is more expensive than on other sites

As we have already written above, the air tickets book through the global booking system. It is not easy to work with it, it is a huge database with information about the tariffs of all airlines of the world (except for some budget).

Find a direct flight is not a problem, but with a transfer you need to collect on the grains. One flight segment, as a rule, on the flight of one airline, the other to another. The ability to dock tariffs and combine them into one air ticket depends on the agreement between carriers.

For example, Aeroflot flights can be easily allowed with all the airlines of the SkyTeam Alliance, thirty partners in the code-Sheriangov agreement and with many interline agreements partners.

Each airline or agency sets up the system yourself, from how it will configure it and depends a variety of flights that you see on the screen.

Often on the airline’s website, only flights performed by the airline itself are displayed, and there are no flights by the Code-Sherinogogo or Interline.

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