Why take a child on a trip?

Catherine Krongauz, author of the book "I’m bad mother?", Very reinforcing me in minutes of some parent despair, objects: "It is believed that the child does not remember such early travel for him, so there is no point in them. However, we do not beat our children in the hope that they will not remember it". Quote is very exemplary, but the meaning of such.

Well, yes, we badly remember our first years of life, but the fact that we end up know about their childhood, it is gradually accumulated in our memory, day after day. Maybe we do not remember our first flight (I do not remember), but I fully admit that he somehow influenced us, something invisible, barely tangible in the foundation. Yes, I think it is so.

Yes, and if parents are used to ride somewhere if they are fortunately have the opportunity to travel if they So usually live, then why the child should be deprived of all this? The child comes to our world, in the family and begins to live like this family it is customary to live. So if parents looked at their child and confidently said to each other: "Yes, it seems, this gnome is already able to make us a company", – then you can run watch tickets. Especially pleased that for the crumbs up to 2 years, airline fees are very small amounts.

So, our Mayan left the Snow Urals January and went to Sunny shores of Spain. In Perm, the air temperature was minus 30 degrees, and in Alicante it was warm, fresh, smelled by the sea, in the sun, adults took off her windbreakers and sometimes even sunbathe. On the waterfront on the terraces it was possible to drink coffee. On the beach, you could sleep sweetly in a wheelchair and crawling on a grandmother’s blank. In particularly hot watches, Maya walked without a hat and once even poured the legs into the sea (water temperature plus 15 degrees, yyy).

In the first three days in Spain, the child learned to sit down and crawl. I am aware that it could be a coincidence. But we were pleased to think that the local climate and productive stress from the decoration change somehow influenced.

New time zone transition (4 hours difference) passed painless and gradually. In the first morning, Maya woke up at 5 am, but the adults have already slept up to that time. Thanks to this, we saw a beautiful dawn on the beach. At the third morning, the child has already woke up in the usual time for himself – around 8 am. So I won’t say that there is something terrible. Reverse restructuring at home also passed unnoticed.

Of course, when changing climate, immunity is weakened, this is acclimatization. However, if you think about, such things can not be only solely with something bad. Immunity useful small shakes. Yes, Maya fell ill a week after arrival in Alicante. But the local doctor said that now in Spain, too, the epidemic, it is quite possible the virus caught up in a supermarket 🙂 Helds were powered by a stream, local wet air did not contribute to drying the mucus, which usually happens in our winter dry air and complicates the course of the disease.

Yes, I am not from those bold moms who are carrying children in the hot Asian countries in the middle of winter; I think that I would not dare. Not yet decided. But on the plus 15 with the sun in January I was more than agree.

The first three days we rode on Costa Blanca. Settled in Calpe. Rent a car, went to Elche, in Alicante, in Albir, walking to the lighthouse 5 km through the wind and smells of lavender, spent one night in Valencia, walked around the old city and the city of science and arts. Daily dreams can be combined with moving by car, with adult lunches in a cafe, with walks and recreation by the sea. Cool if your child sits well in the stroller, sleeps when moving the car. Our here does not like anything nor another. But we somehow twisted.

I watched the child. She liked everything: new streets, new people, sea, breeze, pumpkin from the market, cheerful mom. Maya absorbed the impressions with widely open eyes, smiled constantly and giggled. I slept at night without rear legs between me and my husband. Fuck out everything.

Why take a child on a trip

Merry mom is so important for the kid. Like a cheerful dad, and a fun grandmother with grandfather. But we know with you, dear moms, as the monotony of the regime affects us, yes? Well, we will not hide: Sometimes it becomes quite sad enough, that even a campaign in the pharmacy for diapers can be considered for entertainment. And here – a whole real journey! With a bunch of assistants (husband, my parents)! And a cheerful child who has a satisfied face gradually covered with a gentle tan. Class! I was very good. I rested (what people did not promise me on the forums). I returned home, and from winter remained only a month. And then there will be spring, and then summer. In general, experience is 100% positive.

Krongauz writes in his book that if a child yells on the next row, do not hurry to be angry and swear on his mother. Maybe you can not even imagine how difficult for the mother was to go somewhere to fly that she presented your disgruntled faces in advance, but still went on the road, because where she flies, she was waiting for a meeting with the warm sun, Warm sea, with parents, maybe, or with her husband. In general, all this is organized in the name of good. So you have a unique opportunity to divide the planned happiness with a concerned mom 🙂

At the end of the flight Alicante-Moscow, after the turbulent hysterics of Maya, I began to ask for forgiveness from the neighbor’s rear. And she cared and said we did not interfere with the Maya wonderful girl to do distract "ku" The whole flight for her was absolute joy. Here we are at home, and I still remember the words of this woman with gratitude.

Of course, we will fly again. If there are legs, they need to walk. If there are lungs, they need to breathe.

Thanks to our wonderful hospitable owners at home, who accepted our family for two weeks. Invalid gift, friends! And thanks to my parents who fearlessly agreed to travel with us.

Why take a child on a trip

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