Why stewardess greet each passenger when landing?

Body type. Major men always remember in case you need to pacify someone or help with the organization of evacuation.

State. Drunk or those who accepted narcotic substances can be on the plane and not let. In ordinary situations, they will interfere with passengers, and in emergency – Stewardess themselves fulfill their duties by exposing the risk of life of other people. Also may not take patients with them: pale, exhausted and even coughing, sneezing, because on board – closed space. Moreover, carefully refer to frightened, those who are afraid to fly to calm them in flight, encourage.

Physical Features Disability. People with disabilities are trying not to plant emergency exits – they will not open the fast door. And if you move on the wheelchair, you can also block the output. Also analyzed at the entrance, whether they will need help if.

Speciality. Doctors, flight attendants can have invaluable assistance in the event of difficulties, so if possible, the crew clarifies whether they are in the list of passengers.

Why stewardess greet each passenger when landing

Intentions. Some people try to carry alcohol, pets, forbidden items on board and employees are very important to calculate the violators to avoid problems in flight.

The most interesting thing is that everything is spent until 4 seconds. Experienced and attentive flight attendants of this time is quite enough for deep analysis. And it is despite the fact that they work with a wide smile on her face.

Why stewardess greet each passenger when landing

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