Why spring need to wear sunglasses

The sun rises higher and higher above the horizon line. Days are getting longer, but snow still lies and does not melt. He reflects the sun’s rays Straight into unprotected eyes of people. They go through the streets, lowering the head down, Picture from bright light. And eyes need to take care.

When the sun is and friend and enemy

But there is a magnificent means of protection &# 8211; Sunglasses. They will save eyes from destroying ultraviolet radiation, which causes Pathological Changes and eye diseases. Reduced Number of tear fluid, develops syndrome "Dry Eyes". Eyes Itching and scratching.
If in the eyes got Large dose of solar radiation, That arises burn corneans. It seems that a foreign body got into the eye, constantly Teach tears, blusted protein sheath. Most of all suffering from the harmful effects of sunlight Crystalik, he is furious, acquires a yellowish tint. Develops cataract.

Who needs to be protected from the sun?

Wear sunglasses to all.

Especially people constantly hosting Diolets and tranquilizing Preparations. They include medicines that increase Eye sensitivity to light flow.
• Living B Sunny areas
• Who Light rainbow shell
• After Operations on Cataract removal
• Visitors Ski resorts
• Lovers Solarium
Athletes, engaged winter sports outdoors
• Lovers Beach holidays

When you need to wear glasses?

Doctors recommend wearing sunglasses Round year. Winter sun not less dangerous, than summer. Rays Reflected from snowy, ice surfaces and fall into eyes. Even in Cloudy weather Do not leave glasses at home. The sun rays make their way and Through the clouds. Do not neglect the health of your eyes.

What glasses are suitable for protection?

The best option recommended by leading ophthalmologists, Points S polarization coating. They will protect the eyes not only from sunlight, But from Glakov, arising when Reflection of light from horizontal surfaces.

It is necessary to buy only Quality models. They delay 50% sun rays and blocked glare. Such glasses will fit Drivers, Athletes and Beach and Ski Lovers. They necessarily have a special marking, denoted degree of protection. The best points are labeled UV400 -UV380.

Why spring need to wear sunglasses

And which lenses are better?

Lenses glasses can be Glass and polymer from acryla and Polycarbonate. The second possess High protective properties, they Safe for eyes. Glasses with such lenses lighter by weight, than with glass. They are best to choose for Children: they do not fight, But they can be easily scratch.

Lenses should be uniformly painted over the entire surface. It is not advisable to choose models with darkening only at the top of the glass. They are poorly absorbing ultraviolet radiation. Optimal color lenses – Gray or green. Glasses with such lenses are suitable Lovers of relaxing outdoors, Athletes. V Cloudy days It is better to give preference to points with Golden&# 8211;Yellow windows. They absorb perfectly blue color.

What to choose a frame?

Can Plastic. They Durable and durable. Metal Rubbing Elegantly looks on the face. She has Noseopora, they can be nasalize. And glasses will sit tight on the nose. V Plastic rim To do this impossible. There is already a matter of taste, who like more. The size of the rim You can read on one of the towers.

Sunglasses best buy in specialized stores "Optics" or in Pharmacy departments optics. The worst option – purchase points on the market.

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