Why should I visit Reichstag

Reichstag is an important attraction of the German capital, which has a long and difficult story.


The structure was erected In accordance with the project of an architect from Frankfurt Paul Vallota. The first part in the foundation of the future legislative body was laid in the summer of 1884. German Kaizer Wilhelm I. Construction work lasted a decade and were finished already during the reign of the new chapter of the German Empire. On the construction of a grand building, 24 million Reichsmarock took place – at that time it was a huge amount.

Reichstag had a very advanced equipment for that period of time, for example, electrical generators and fans operating on an ongoing basis. This perfectly showed the highest level of development of engineering thought in Germany of that time.

In February 1933. Separate buildings, In particular, the hall of the plenary sessions and the rooms nearby, Received significant damage due to the artificially created fiery element. Nazis immediately stated that arson was arranged by the supporters of the Communist ideology, and used it as an excuse for obtaining all the completeness of the authorities and began the use of repression against political competitors. After these events, Reichstag lost any impact on German politics. From time to time, rare meetings were held on the territory of Roll-Opera, the last of which took place in 1942. It is worth noting that many facilities facilities were not affected by fire, and in their territory until 1939. Placed the library and the building administration.

In relation to the victim of the Dome of the German Parliament, small repair work was carried out, while the fleet of plenary sessions destroyed by the fiery element and the rooms near him were restored in its original form did not find it necessary.

From the mid-30s. XX century On the territory of the Reichstag various kinds of propaganda events took place. A small period of time in it on storage was the design models of the "Capital World".

Why should I visit Reichstag

At the beginning of the 40s. last century Corner towers of the building began to play the role of anti-aircraft guns. During the period of hostilities, almost all windows of the facilities were stamped, and the building itself turned into a structure, reliably protecting against bombs. Also on the territory of the former German legislative body a hospital appeared.

The first 10 years after the war is completed, Reichstag was in a practically destroyed state. In 1954. It was decided to destroy what remained from the dome, since he could hit at any time. In 1954. The restoration of the building began, which as a result lasts almost 20 years.

Architect from Western Germany Paul Bumgarten who won the relevant competition, in the project proposed by him decided to abandon the creation of a new dome. In addition, he eliminated a large number of different decorated objects of objects, as it believed that they got tremendous damage during the last military conflict and were not subject to recovery.

In October 1990. On the territory of the Reichstag after a long break occurred the first meeting of the Communion Bundestag. In the summer of 1991. Bundestag, located in Bonn, the simple majority of votes decided to move to Berlin, and specifically in the Reichstag building. 2 years after the publication of the results of the competition, the restoration of the new building of the German parliament was entrusted to the architect from the UK Norman Fostera.

Why should I visit Reichstag

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