Why should I visit Nesvizhsky Castle

Nesvizhsky Castle-Park Ensemble is located in the Minsk region and attracts tourists not only from all over the country, but also from abroad.

History of the castle complex

Starting from the first half of the 16th century, Nesvizhe began to belong to one of the richest and influential humanities of Europe – the family Radziwillov.

The beginning of the construction of the castle was found in 1583. While the palace was built, his stylistics changed several times. As a result, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Classicism, Neoetics and Modernism agreed in the castle complex.

In the middle &# 8211; The second half of the 18th century the owner of the palace became Karol Stanislav Radzivill, Nickname Pan Kahanka, Whose anti-our position led to the entry of our troops to Nesvizh and the removal of the values ​​of the castle in St. Petersburg.

At the end of the 19th century, a landscaped park was broken around the palace, one of the largest in Europe.

In 1939, Radzivilles were forced to leave the palace, since at that time the troops of the Red Army came to Nesvizh, and the Power of Soviets was established.

After the completion of the Great Patriotic War in the building of the castle, a sanatorium was located, and the park would be launched.

Since 2005, the Nesvizhsky Palace is in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

Traditions of the palace in Nesvizh

Like any castle with a rich history, the castle in Nesvizh is shrouded with mysterious legends. The most famous legends are about the "humpback" of the coffin, about underground corridors, about woven oak and pine, o Ghost of black panna.

Black panel Nesvizh was Barbara Radziville, The cousin Nikolai Radziwill Black. The history of her unhappy love with the king of Sigismund Augustus is not fiction, but the historical truth. Barbara Radziwill was able to become his wife and the Polish Queen, but the mother of King Sigismund Augustus, Bon Sforza, who originated from the ancient Italian genius, was looking for his son more appropriate party. After the corona of Barbara Bon Sforza, in protest, I went to Italy, and according to her order, the pharmacist poisoned Barbara Radziville. She died in terrible flour, but her husband stayed with her until her death.

Why should I visit Nesvizhsky Castle

Sigismund August is very hard cope with loss and often visited relatives of the late wife in Nesvizh. In one of these visits, thanks to Black Magic and Alchemists, Sigismund decided to cause the spirit of Barbara, but her ghostly could not be concerned under any circumstances – there was such a condition of the ritual. But seeing the spirit of beloved, Sigismund, without holding the emotions, rushed to the ghost to hug. So, the Spirit of Barbara could not return to his world and was forced to wander on the Nesvizhsky castle in dark robes as a sign of his sad love.

Local believe that the Ghost of the Black Panna warns against danger. So, the ghost was seen on the eve of the fire in the palace in 2002.

Castle complex today

Since 2004, the Castle carried out restoration work and in 2012 the doors were open to visitors.

In addition to classic excursions, Nesvizhsky Palace and Park complex offers tours of theatrical, as well as historical quests.

Visit Nesvizhsky Castle It is necessary to enjoy the beautiful architecture, the richness of the locks of the castle and learn the mysterious legends that keep his walls.

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