Why should I choose special shoes?

Unprofessional shoes can simply fall apart, but to look for a replacement in wildlife conditions problematic. In addition, serious corns can lead not only to unplanned stops in the route, but also to the need to provide honey. assistance in the case of suppuration.

The choice of shoes for outdoor activities today is very extensive and divided into types having quality differences. Summer shoes are available: sneakers and sandals; Footwear for mountaineering, highlands; shoes for cross-country crossings; rocky shoes; Warm shoes for socks in frost and snow.

Therefore, you must first select the appointment of shoes, it is possible to go to the hike to take two types of specialists, and then go for the purchase to the sports equipment store, in the department all for hiking.

Footwear intended for sports games is really great for sports: jumping, running, etc. But tourist sneakers are important to choose with ribbed sole. It provides good clutch when descent, lifting and on slippery ground, during rain. Tracking boots are designed in such a way that they would be conveniently moved through the snow, the mountains, through water obstacles, because they do not wash. Boots reduce the load, the legs are less tired, the likelihood of injury is reduced.

In the summer hike, it is advisable to main sneakers, take extra light sandals. In the heat, on the privala, to go to the river Tourist sandals will be by the way.

Why should I choose special shoes

Significant loads in the campaign impose increased requirements for the quality of the sneakers and shoes, the devices of Quechua showed well. Natural materials are used for such shoes, or synthetic with improved properties. The sole must be well stitched, is punctured, made of high strength rubber.

Hiking shoes equip a high-top shiner, unloading loads from the muscles of the ankle and protecting from dislocation. The boot should be rigid and durable than less seams, the higher the rigidity.

For lining manufacturers use membrane material, the structure of which allows shoes to breathe. Evaporated moisture skin, outdoor, but penetrate out inside the boot, the humidity cannot, the membrane film does not miss. The shoe toe is enhanced by metal plates, it protects his fingers from blows, and if necessary, self defense gives impact. There are models with a valve protecting lacing from breaks, unleashing, dirt, reurenik.

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