Why rooshri pegs in the morning?

Let’s start with the fact that they can not squeeze. Cookacarean is a song, although not so melodic, like robin. Just "perform" her roosters begin with awakening. And they wake up at about the same time and winter, and in the summer. And never wake up. All because the first rays of the Sun and other external factors do not affect the time of their awakening. Roosters are guided only by biological clock.

Despite the fact that the Kukaraken is usually associated with dawn, roosters perform their songs and at other days of day. After all, the biological meaning of the cathedral is not at all in the signal that it is time to get up. His songs of birds are trying to establish contact with neighbors, confirm the hierarchy and borders of the plots, rally the family.

Why rooshri pegs in the morning

As you know, each group of birds occupies its plot in nature, where it is multiplied, it produces food and which protects against others. Permanent fierce battles are harmful to population. Therefore, nature arranged so that his territory of roosters defend, intimidating opponents with a loud sound. So they show who on this site is the main.

Of course, such a signal is more important for wild birds. But he has been preserved and at home. Here are roosters and notify conifers since the morning about the fact that it is not worth encroaching on this courtyard. He has a master. And those, in turn, serve a retaliatory cry. They say, the signal is accepted. True, if there are several roosters in the courtyard and the one who occupies a subordinate position will not receive his answer to his answer, but simply attacks.

Why rooshri pegs in the morning

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