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Now, when, indefinitely, from the possibilities of our tourists, a favorite and usual Egypt fell out of the possibilities of our tourists, and other warm countries with warm at this time of year by the sea is much further and more expensive, the question is true: how to replace the banks of the Red Sea.

Since it seems to be an obvious budget (although truly good hotels in Egypt have never been very low, the cost of rest in them held all year round on solid figures) and bathing, in fact not always affordable in January (some and froze). It should be noted not voiced or voiced only in limited faced with this topic. Circles Dignity of rest in Hurghada.

The fact is that the city and the resorts adjacent to it on the West Bank of the Red Sea have warm and very dry air having unique healing properties for patients with bronchopulous diseases. Many of those who, in the conditions of our climate, could not break away from the inhaler and practically lived in the hospital, in the lively air, Hurghada acquired a normal life and retained it for months after the trip.

But, as such arguments, as facilitating the condition of seriously ill people, are unlikely to open a politically closed space, you need to look for a replacement. Not absolute, but it is still there, including in visa-free countries. This is Turkey, Jordan, Israel, you can also add Tunisia, its resort Hammamet is characterized by a unique healing microclimate capable, like Hurghada, imperceptibly and without procedures to correct the condition of the bright-lighting system. Only to swim in Hammamet and in Turkey resorts all year round is problematic, although for some maybe. Bathing season in these places for most tourists continues from the end of May to October.

Let’s start with the most obvious replacement, that is, from Turkey. In this country, several excellent places with thermal waters, mud and healing air.

The closest to Istanbul Yalova is a beautiful resort located on the territory of the Dendrological Park surrounded by mountain forests with unique vegetation and life. Yalov is famous for its hot thermal sources since the Ottoman Empire. Complex treatment of bronchopulmonary diseases at the Yalov resort is a combination of bathing, bathtubs, massages, including underwater, drinking course, hammam and saunas, supplemented by walking through alleys filled with purifying light air.

The next Turkish resort, which is treated with bronchial diseases and lungs, is the afion, which is called the thermal capital of Turkey. It’s funny that the name of the city is translated from our point of view not very medical – opium. Simply growing opium poppy in the composition of drugs was used to treat very many diseases over the centuries. Local water is unique in their healing properties. It is three times rich in minerals and elements than Essentuki, and the resort is inferior only to France and the Czech Republic, and then rather the service and ease of travel than the effectiveness of treatment. The terrain here is amazing in the beauty and number of antiquity monuments, Turkey is generally very rich on the monuments of antiquity, its excursion opportunities can be devoted not to one article and not one trip. Sources are located in the country of salted and fresh lakes, caves and heritage of ancient civilizations from Hettov and Frigiytsev to Byzantium and Osmananov. Local unique water use for drinking, bathing, mud and inhalation. The treatment of broncho-pulmonary diseases is carried out on the basis of the water of the source of Omerley, once it was here that the first resort of Turkey was organized.

Why rest in Hurghada can replace therapeutic resorts. Tunisia, Turkey and Dead Sea -

Unfortunately, the afryon is not at sea, so if there is a desire and strip the respiratory system and enjoy the sea, you can go to the familiar Dalaman on the Aegean coast of Turkey. There at the hotel Therme Maris Spa & Thermal Hotel 4 * There is a huge amount of healing, wellness and cosmetic programs, including a unique program for asthmatics. The hotel has several own thermal sources and uses its own ridges. To treat the diseases of the respiratory system, a cave with thermomineral water was created, the air is saturated with hydrogen sulfide. The effect of treatment is beautiful, getting to Dalaman from Russia is not difficult, but it must be borne in mind that the Aegean coast has a colder climate than the most famous Anatolian.

Jordan and Israel. Both countries are visa-free ours. Both are located on the head of the Healing Dead Sea. In Israel, more people who speak English, more comprehensive customs and borderline formalities, but lower prices for treatment, truth and comfort, and the quality of treatment is also lower than in Jordan, as it does not sound strange. Jordan, going this year to visa-free regime, offers quite expensive treatment and recovery of the highest quality. If we talk about calm in the country, then Jordan is also leading. It is safer, despite the abundance of migrants from Palestine, in the resort areas of the tourists protect very hard.

The rich composition of the waters of the Dead Sea fills them and the air, which makes a simple breath of natural natural inhalation, perfectly cleansing the lungs. In addition, inhalations are conducted by specially compiled and very saturated solutions, massages, wraps, gymnastics and other procedures that contribute to reinforced ventilation and strengthen the bronchi and lungs.

Jordan and Israel are good as the fact that, like Egypt, they have resort zones on the Red Sea. For those who want to enjoy not only rehabilitation, but also by sea bathing it is possible to go to both places, only the choice of hotels here is less, luxurious nutrition in the system is all inclusive, and the prices are higher. In addition, these places, like Egypt Charm El Sheikh and Taba have a bit higher humidity than Hurghada and their air in itself therapeutic for people with respiratory problems is not.

Why rest in Hurghada can replace therapeutic resorts. Tunisia, Turkey and Dead Sea -

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