Why residents of Germany fictitious stops?

Sign with the letter H, which means Haltestle ("Stop" – it.), shop, lavet with route numbers and schedule – Nothing gives fake. Is that the neighborhood with a medical clinic or the nursing home. Sometimes such stops are even installed in the courtyard. Build a doubt not in order to confuse tourists, but in order to protect the patients of institutions.

Often, people suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, begin to "live past" and, being in a hospital or a nursing home, try to escape home. Stop it seems to them salvation: it is worth waiting for the bus – and you can go home. But the real bus can be taken away in an unknown direction, and to seek the escaped will have throughout the city. And the public transport will never come to the fictitious stop, but the staff of the institutions may faster find a patient and return. Sometimes even persuasions are not required: it happens, the patient will sit at the bus stop and either forget, why did you want to leave, or he begins to seem to appear that he has already visited somewhere. Sad, but safely.

For the first time, Scheinbushaltestlele (so-called fictitious stops in Germany) appeared in 2006 in remarch. The idea turned out to be so effective that soon the design began to build in other cities of Germany.

Photo: DPA / DKA JAI

Fake stops are often criticized. As a rule, for the fact that the sick person is nervous and give him a false hope. Opponents of dusty offer to make them less realistic, for example, add bookshelves, sofas and photos. But other countries are not hurrying to equip them and adopt the German experience.

For example, in Warsaw, the fake stop was installed next to one of the clinics, where they are engaged in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. In 2019, the uluzh appeared in Minsk.

Locals about shutdown stops, as a rule, know, but visitors can be mistaken.

User 88776655, Pikabu website:

Why residents of Germany fictitious stops

He arrived in Germany, walked, examined the surroundings, sat down to relax on the shop at the stop. Suddenly people are suitable in bathrobes and persuade to pass to pass with them. Remembered even those words in German, which did not know!

MEEPER user, Hacker News:

I live next to one such stop. I love to watch tourists sitting there. Wear cola and look out the window. Cinema!

PSY user&CHO, Twitter:

21 years in Germany, and never seen. I don’t think it is typical for the country. Or I don’t live there.

Why residents of Germany fictitious stops

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