Why refuse Schengen in 2020?

ours denied Schengen not so often: in 2019, the percentage of refusal was only 1.36%. Nevertheless, more and more people around them complains that they did not issue a visa. Often in such complaints appear Consulate of Italy.

Svetlana Kalinina told that he helped with the collection of documents to the visa center of the girlfriend. As a result, that was given a semi-annual multivitz in the consulate of France, but before that, the girl still received 2 refusal visa in the Italian consulate. For the first time they may most likely denied due to unconfirmed travel documents and hotel armor. Although it is impossible to discount and human factor – those who work in the visa center can not like something, and they will refuse. For the second time, the girl took into account the probable mistakes and filed paper again. The refusal was then explained briefly: «Unclear goal of stay». Since the applicant did not understand what had to be corrected, she decided to apply to the consulate of France. There, fortunately, a ready-made Schengen was given only after 10 days.

In other words, everything is individually, but it is impossible to underestimate the little things. What we may seem unimportant, be it an inexpensive hotel, missing call from the visa center, or a complex route with a docking in another state, in fact, can be a motive for refusal.

Why they refuse?

In the Visa Code of the European Union, Art. 32, it is indicated that a visa refuses when the applicant refuses:

Conduct the purpose of the travel and the conditions of stay in the state;

It can not prove that he has money for a journey and return home either to a flight to the third country, where he is guaranteed entry;

can not get the necessary funds legally;

Submits a false journey document;

already spent 90 days in one of the EU countries throughout the current 180-day period;

Not allowed as an object of inform recorded within the framework of the SIS;

does not provide an active medustal policy at the time of travel.

Also, the permission for the entrance will not be given if the consulate staff will have doubts about the authenticity of the filed papers, or in the fact that the applicant will definitely leave the country before the end of the visa. Moreover, the Consulate staff refuse if the person who petitions is considered as a threat to internal security.

In any case, the official reason is prescribed in a leaf of refusal. True, in fact, due to unclear wording, you can often only guess what was the case. For example, if employees of the visa center instead «Information about the objectives is not accurate» Specified «Call back to the hotel, reservation – canceled», their motives would be clear.

Anastasia Semenova, «Tourist club Favorit» Lists frequent applicants’ errors:

Unreal references. Few know that the visa center often check documents. Employees can call both at the place of work of the petitioner, specifying whether the person works there and himself. In this case, ask what is the name of the director or even a caverzney: «How do you get to work?».

Problems with hotel armor. So, it may not be confirmed if there was not enough funds in the account, and the staff of the visa center still called back to the reception to clarify this moment. Other extreme – When applicants are booking a hotel in a small town for 14 days, and there is nothing to do there for a couple of days. In any case, if an inconsistency arises, may ask to pay accommodation, or just refuse a visa.

Lack of money for a trip. It happens if the applicant earns little and has no accounts in the bank. To get a visa in this case, you will have to somehow strengthen the documents.

Lipovaya insurance. Near consulates on the streets sell lime policies, so you need to contact reliable insurers.

The purpose of the travel is incorrectly indicated. Do not write that you are traveling to France as a tourist, if you really plan to learn there. Employees of the visa center will find out this moment and refuse.

Incorrect application of previously issued visas. If a person has received permission to enter the territory of a state, but did not take advantage of them, the next time he may refuse him.

Also comes from the CIS countries with a huge migration risk, as well as those who live in the regions of the Caucasus may be harder to place a visa.

Will the passport stamp

Until 2015. it was put, and now they simply give a leaf of refusal. It is prescribed, which consulate did not give permission to enter and why. Also indicates information about appealing the decision.

That is, failure passport «Do not spoil», Although the information still enters the VIS system. And in the future it will be able to see in consulates.

Why refuse Schengen in 2020

Refusal – forever and ever?

Not at all. In 99% of cases refuse if a person could not collect a full package of documents. When applying for a visa, the next time it will not be biased to it, especially if it is making mistakes.

After how many days you can feed the paper to the visa center?

If the package of documents is assembled, even the next day. The main thing is to correct errors, otherwise the entrance will refuse again.

Is it possible to serve on Schengen at the same consulate?

Yes, no restrictions on the choice of consulates are not.

What about the fees?

Even if you refuse, the service or consular fee will not be returned. And if you submit documents to the visa center again, ask to repeat the costs.

Will it turn out the decision?

The refusal can be challenged, by drawing in detail its position. But A. Semenova recommends not to spend time on appeal. In it, a person asks to reconsider the decision, and this petition is considered at least 30 days. You can appeal when the staff of the consulate is wrong. And when when collecting documents, the applicant himself made a mistake (and most often it is), the appeal will not satisfy.

At the same time, if a person takes into account all the errors, again gives the documents and pay all the fees, the answer will come much faster, and it is quite possible, positive.

So how to do if they denied the consulate?

First of all, to understand why the visa was not given and try to fix everything. And for this you need to re-read the Visa Code of the EU, as well as regulatory documents of the state, whose consulate was refused. Then you need to collect paper again and submit them to the visa center. And you should not rely on intermediaries, often just they are mistaken. Better do everything yourself.

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