Why rainworms crawl after rain?

Meet the worm after the rain on the road, and not one, – the usual phenomenon. For a long time it was believed that they get out to the surface, so as not to drown in flooded water. But it is not. Worms breathe through the skin, they need wet soil, and water as not terrible. They can even live in it a few days. Why the rain scares them so? And whether the case is? There are several versions.

According to the first, rain worms are very sensitive to changing the temperature of the soil, and during the rain it decreases at once a few degrees. Therefore, the inhabitants of the soil are discomfort and are trying to find the best conditions on the surface of the earth.

Lack of air – another possible reason. Water enriches the air upper soil layer, so worms and crawl up – ride.

The third version is also associated with soil. Scientists who adhere to it pay attention to the fact that precipitation contributes to the change in the acidic alkaline balance of the soil, it becomes more acidic. And so much that the worms can not be in her. Consequently, self-preservation instinct is driven to the surface.

Why rainworms crawl after rain

Another version is connected with it. Some researchers suggest that the reason is hidden in vibrations that raindrop droplets hitting surfaces. Supposedly these vibrations resemble those that are produced by crumbs and other enemies of worms. I don’t want to meet with them rainworms, so they are saved.

There are other theories: for example, that in the surface of the Earth, the worms are combined into groups or that they can move faster. True, why are scientists to answer find it difficult.

So there is no unanimous opinion yet. Perhaps worms just love water and want to enjoy her? Not just so they called "rain"!

Why rainworms crawl after rain

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