Why pets sometimes sleep well?

Kotam per day is supposed to sleep watches 14-18, a little smaller dog – 12-14 hours. But it happens that they do not fall out.

Then, like people, they can become irritable, begin to respond sharply to the noise and light, sometimes they even show aggression. Also in favorite pets may appear inattention, disorientation, decrease the rate of reaction and learning ability. A chronic lack of sleep can weaken the immune system. Fortunately, sleep disorders in dogs and cats are infrequently and to a greater extent they are subject to older animals.

There are five main reasons for insomnia or constant awakening.

First, wine can be arthritis, neck injuries or limbs, when preventing the pain and the inability to take a comfortable pose. Secondly, your favorite can suffer because of urination problems. The third option is dermatological diseases when rest does not give, for example, a strong itch. But these are physiological reasons.

Stress on the background of the shift of the owner, the place of residence, the time zone, the appearance of other animals in the house can also lead to insomnia. It’s fourth. In this case, the pet often wakes up, and after the "rest" is depressed or aggressive, because the change of the usual structure is perceived as a threat.

Why pets sometimes sleep well

Fifth, the quality of sleep affects the overload. If you were fascinated by training or, for example, too long engaged in sports, your favorite can be transported and falling asleep at night it will be difficult. Unlike other reasons, this usually occurs in young animals with the faster nervous system.

If your pet is not sleeping, show it to a veterinary doctor. He will determine the cause and say how to solve the problem. So, orthopedic beds will help to take a convenient posture in joint diseases. The sweeping time as soon as possible will allow to sleep better in urological problems. And to reduce the level of stress capable of special pheromones for cats and dogs and favorable atmosphere at home.

By the way, dreaming breaks and wild animals. Bright example – Bear Shatun.

Why pets sometimes sleep well

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