Why patterns appear on glasses in winter?

Before answering, you need to decide: on what glass and when patterns occur? On the inside of the glass, for example, patterns appear when the outside frost appears. Then the water vapor contained in the warm air of the room is cooled near the glass and it becomes, as meteorologists say, the water is deposited on the smallest dusting on the glass, which has a temperature below zero. With this temperature, steam immediately turns into ice – such a process is called sublimation.

However, on an absolutely smooth, pure glass patterns are not formed. It is known that if it is covered with a glass with a special composition, it will remain transparent – a thin film appears on the surface, which repels the water molecules, not allowing them to settle.

On the usual glass of water molecules are deposited, as I said, on dusting and, moreover, on irregularities, on small glass defects. And here is a molecule "Prily" To glass. Stop! And what is a water molecule? That’s right, H2O. Two hydrogen atoms (charged positively) and one oxygen atom (charged negatively) form a triangle with an angle of 108 °. Other water molecules begin to attract the initial triangle. Hydrogen to oxygen, oxygen to hydrogen, plus to minus, triangle to the triangle. And now the chain is already being built. All new and new ones are bred from it, they are connected together, intersect – and patterns arise, always unique and most diverse.

Why patterns appear on glasses in winter

Try to spend your experience when we are going in transport in winter. Heat with hand pattern on a glass of bus or trolleybus, wipe the surface well. And what? A few minutes later there will be a new pattern on this place! Do not deceive nature.

We stay to admire the patterns on the windows. Or take care of thermal insulation so that the inner surface of the glass has a positive temperature. The higher it will, the less likely the formation is not only ice, but even drops on the glass. That is why in modern houses with steam heating and high-quality glass packages of patterns on glass does not happen ".

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