Why not look at the solar eclipse

Underestimate the sun is impossible. If you look at the sun for a long time, you can damage the retina and spend the rest of your life with a dark spot before your eyes or even go blind. The same effect happens if you watch the solar eclipse without special protection.

It only seems that during an eclipse the sun shines not so bright as usual. In fact, at this time, infrared and ultraviolet waves – the same length and strength of the impact as in the dwelling day. The ultraviolet radiation of the average waistband (280-315 nanometers) is practically inspiring for the human eye and is mainly absorbed by the corneal epithelium. But with intensive irradiation, it causes radiation defeat – eye burn.

Man does not feel like UV radiation affects his eyes

If you throw a glance in the sun from time to time, there will be no special damage. But if you do it regularly, high probability to harm health.

Man does not feel like UV radiation affects his eyes. The consequences of this impact may manifest itself in many years. When direct sunlight hit the eye rises the risk of cataracts, retinal defects, eye burn, cornea inflammation, melanoma. Unlike the burn, which will manifest itself in a few hours, the remaining negative effects will accumulate gradually and later lead to diseases bringing even more problems.

In addition, visual acuity can suffer, and it will be impossible to restore it to the initial state. If you witnessed a complete solar eclipse, you, of course, can look at it with a naked look at that short moment when the moon completely flashes the sun, but it is extremely difficult to guess it, so it’s better to protect your eyes.

There is an opinion that people with green or brown eyes can look at the sun with almost no harm, but it is not. Melanin is a pigment that determines the color of the skin and hair of man. The more melanin, the darker skin and hair. Blue eyes actually contain less melanin than green or brown, and can be more susceptible to damage to UV radiation and blue light, but it is dangerous to look at the sun without any protection, regardless of the color of the person’s eye.

Why not look at the solar eclipse

Ordinary sunglasses cannot be attributed to suitable eye protection tools to observe an eclipse. Their filtering is too weak, and there is a risk of severe vision. Also do not use x-ray pictures.

For observation, special light filters will be suitable, an illuminated film or film from floppy disks: their magnetic layer is well delayed by sunlight, which will help protect the eyes. And you can buy special glasses to observe the sunny eclipse, they are called. Astronomers use special filters.

Without specialized optics, you should not look at the sun for more than 1-2 minutes, but even with its use is better limited to 2-3 minutes.

Watching the solar eclipse. It is impossible to those who have problems with eyes: Metage diseases, maculodystrophy, eye damage, inflammation. There are no additional specific restrictions for children, but it is important for them to explain that it is impossible to watch in the sun.

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