Why not go on holiday in the UAE

They come here not only to soak up the coast (the state runs along the Persian Gulf), but also to witness its main attractions: the Burj Khalifa, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, as well as visit the many water parks and amusement parks.

Superb place, but going on a tour, you need to weigh all the good «per» and «against».

Top reasons to refrain from travel

UAE – a country where Muslims, which is the basis of the legislation. From here – strict laws and traditions, which are imposed and leisure. Failure to regard as disrespect. For it can be fined or sent to prison.

If you do not want to try during a trip not to drink alcohol, do not smoke, do not gamble, do not eat pork, do not hug or kiss in public. Cross the road in the wrong places is not worth. However, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have some breaks to rest: for example, you can buy alcohol at some restaurants, but it is worth it absurdly expensive.

By the way, good restaurants are, in general, when expensive hotels. Meals there, respectively, also are not cheap.

The beaches and the sea

Most tourists travel to the United Arab Emirates, to relax on the beach, but in fact find a noble area with palm trees and beautiful lagoons is not so easy. You can only count on the convenience, and there are only on the beaches at hotels that stand on the coastline. City beaches you are likely to disappoint. In Dubai, they stretch along the metropolis prospectus. In addition, almost not adapted for rest: «mushrooms» from the sun are rarely found, on most of them there are no locker rooms. Stalls with water and snacks either.

And the sea, by the way, there is no. Instead of him – Persian Gulf. All if nothing if in June the water temperature in it did not heat up to +36 °WITH. An unpleasant odor is added to the unbearable heat: hot water in the sun rotates. It is especially unpleasant to be at the palm islands where water is stirred. Interestingly, the wind can bring rot on the shore at any time.

Comfortable water temperature at +22–24°From December to March, but do not rush to order a ticket to the New Year holidays. The air temperature at this time is also lowered, so out of the water uncomfortable. Caught rain.


Climate in the UAE deserted. Air can warm up to +50°WITH. Move around the city in such conditions can only be transport. Little options. In Dubai there is a subway, go urban buses. True, to use them, understand where to go, find where and how to pay the passage, you need to know Arabic.

If you have enough money for the trip, you can take a taxi. But get ready to pay for its duration, landing. By the way, the distances between landmarks rather big (length by ground – 70 km). When traveling from Dubai to Sharjah, as well, and from state to state is automatically withdrawn more and the fee for crossing the border (it is impossible to see, you just need to know that it’s there).

More options for movements: a minibus guide (the service is expensive, during excursions the guide often takes the most expensive places, as it has its own rollback), car rental. True, in the latter case it is necessary to follow the rules, since on the road – huge fines. For example, talking on the mobile behind the wheel will have to pay $ 217.

And here are crazy traffic jams. Dubai Center per hour peak – then even entertainment for tourists.

By the way, about entertainment.

Recreation, sights

Why not go on holiday in the UAE

Entertainment here not so much (not counting the parks of attractions) and they are also insanely expensive. For example, by paying at the entrance to the water park more than $ 50, be prepared separately pay for services on the territory: rent a box for its own things and t. D.

Those who wish can fly by helicopter, ride a boat or on a boat on the bay, but the cost of such entertainment is also cosmic. Even just stroll around the city will not work: first, in the tourist season it is very hot here, secondly – No concept «Walk». Local is not accepted – they go on transport. Europeans are almost not.

Sheikha Palace in Dubai also not to see – closer than 200 m to him do not let.

Even buying souvenirs can turn in tremendous trips: in most stores there are no price companies, since the cost is different for their and for vacationers. And this is despite the fact that the cost of tours in the UAE is also cosmic.

Additional prohibitions

Take pictures for memory here also need carefully. It is impossible to photograph Muslims who pray, and women in national costumes, however, how to ask them questions or touch them.

And lonely girls up to 30 years old can not get on the territory of the UAE. The decision on the border is accepted individually. If the girl has a dancer or masseuse profession (specified in the visa questionnaire), permission may not give.

Other extreme – problems when settling in one room of a man and women who are not married.

There are a number of other restrictions. You can not wear frank outfits (those that leave open shoulders, knees), chew a chewing gum in public places, import some medicines (review the first-aid kit) and t. D.

Why not go on holiday in the UAE

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