Why not conquer Everest

Everest, or Jomolungma – the highest point of the earth. Height above sea level is 8848 meters. Conquesting this vertex – the dream of many climbers from around the world.

It is known that today more than 9 thousand people were able to successfully reach the end of this expedition route. Especially inspired and bold people repeated their experience.
But this is not good? Perhaps this article will force someone to doubt the need to make his feat or, on the contrary, dispel all the meditation about this.

High requirements

To become one of the lucky ones who conquered Everest, you need to have a strong health and strong will.

During the elevation, the oxygen level gradually decreases, which negatively affects well-being. Already above 3 thousand meters above sea level, the following symptoms can be accessed: nausea, dizziness and headache – mountain satellites. The level of preparation will not be a limitation, but it is obvious that the newcomer will have to be more difficult than an experienced climbers.

High price

This item refers to the previous one. Excellent health in any case will be little in order to get permission to climb. Unfortunately, such expeditions have recently become more commercial. So to pay insurance, equipment and a full range of services will need from 50 to 70 thousand dollars.

The complexity and duration of the route

A total of About 20 routes, for which you can get to the top, and each passed at least once. But all of them are known for special complexity and danger.

The rise occupies order 2 months. But the duration climbing may increase up to 3 months. It depends on weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

Lack of comfort

Of course, expect the reverse was not worth. But not everyone is ready to endure the need, just not to undress several times in the cold.

Toilets on Everest are tents, separate in every expedition. Poams are digged under them, where the barrels are placed, which after empty by the assessing services. At a decent height of the barrels no longer, the tents are installed above the cracks.

Why not conquer Everest

To maintain hygiene use Wet Napkins and Dry Shampoo. It is believed that the less often you get on the expedition, the better. It is explained by the fact that less chance to catch a cold and get frostbite.

For food mainly use Sublimated products – porridge, soups that need to be brewed in boiling water.

Financial security will significantly improve the comfort of stay in the mountains: at a certain rate, you can hand over things in washing, feed on the buffet system, use Sherpov, which will be raised by the climbers, dishes, and so on to the camp.

Probability of death

Unfortunately, the circumstances have repeatedly been in a similar way, and people who left to conquer the top did not return, died at height. This is possible not only when climbing Everest, but this is a fact. Such an outcome of events is far from joyful. Even sadder that due to the difficulty of transporting corpses dead climbers stay there forever.

The route to Everest is a memorial in memory of the dead

For those who wish to see the mounted mountain peaks, but afraid to participate in a dangerous expedition exist Alternative – Tourist flight over Everest by plane. Such airplanes are usually distinguished by small size and include from 10 to 25 seats. A similar tour and at a price less, and for health is safer, but, of course, feelings and impressions with this expedition will not compare.

Why not conquer Everest

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