Why no Muslims in Japan?

The question itself – provocative myth because there is Muslims in Japan. Islam is practiced both arrived on earnings came from Asian countries (Pakistanis, Iranians, Indonesians) and indigenous Japanese. Muslims – Japanese just a few thousand people, but they are combined into the Japanese Muslim Federation.

Every year, several Muslims from Japan make pilgrimage to Mecca (Saudi Arabia). In Japan, there are 30 mosques, the oldest, in the city of Kobo, was built in 1935 by Muslims from among the our «White emigration», Mostly Tatars. The biggest mosque is in Tokyo, it is re-built in the 70s, the old mosque building was demolished.

Why no Muslims in Japan

However, justice should be said that the problems of Islam profession in Japan still have. One of them is caused by a very dense work schedule at Japanese enterprises and in offices and a six-day working week. This often does not allow Muslims to regularly make Namaz, but on Fridays – attend mosque.

But this kind of problem is caused, according to Japanese Muslims themselves, a weak acquaintance of Japanese society with the traditions of Islam. They have nothing to do with various fabrications on the Internet, for example, the prohibitions of the use of Arabic, import to the country of the Quran, and other inventions.

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