Why Muslims and Jews do not eat pork?

On this question, you can hear the same answer everywhere: "Because a pig is a dirty animal". Forget about it, because when religions were born, say honestly, the man himself was not cleaner. BC, people threw the way to the window on the road, and then traveled along these roads to neighbors. Therefore, dirty were and domestic cattle, and the person himself. So why exactly pig?

The climate in which the adherents of Islam and Judaism lived, was very hot, and pork is the fastest meat. Plus, the pig is omnivorous, it eats even their own excrement, respectively, pig meat contains trichin – parasites that promote disease development. Now we summarize all these factors and understand which crazy number of poisoning was in humans in such a climate after eating pork. And the believer was easy to attach religious meaning to this: since the body rejects this meat – it means that there is something devilish and unclean. Conclusion: ban! The only way to get rid of parasites – freezing of fresh meat. But in the hot desert at that time refrigerators, unfortunately, were not.

Why Muslims and Jews do not eat pork

Almost any religious food ban can be explained by scientific way. For example, Kashrut’s laws laid a ban on eating predatory animals – wolves, bears, foxes, dogs, because they are carnivorous, therefore, there are toxins in the body. Or for the same reason, the Jews have a ban on eating crabs, crabs and lobsters – in the meat of crustaceans contains Ptomaine (body poison). What else do you know or do not know about Israel? We offer to pass our thematic test.

Why Muslims and Jews do not eat pork

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