Why love Prague?

Well, let’s start with the mythical intricacies of Russia and the Czech Republic. If you lower politics and history, the fraternity of Slavic peoples will remain (also a very mythical thing), close language similar to mentality. That is, it is felt, looking at the city that he is very on Western European Lad: Vintage castles, Catholic churches, ancient streets… It is no longer Warsaw and never Budapest beyond the feature of the historic center. But at the same time – all around native and understandable.

Of course, the native sometimes to the funny. Parawings – not at all reflected, but products. And the worms of the hairy – Do not swear vegetables, and fresh fruits (OVOCE – fruits). A little more about Czech language, which seems a bit axis and straightforward, but very understandable. LáSKA– this is Love. A Zverin – ditch)
The Internet can be insidious 🙂 kavarna – a cafe.

Funny and these words:
Iavek – Spirits
Left (Sleva) – Discounts
Rodina (Rodina) – a family. Here it certainly do not argue, sounds cool.
Country (Strana) – the consignment. Like us, one party – She is the country :))
Barack – This is a residential building
Mraz – just frost
Ice – ice cream
Okurky – Cucumbers
Buben – drum
Krasny – beautiful
zapominat – forget

Want to make a compliment of a Czech girl on her beautiful ass? Easy to. Czech ass «Predalka», but do not dare to call her girl! Girl – This is a girl of easy behavior.

If the Czech is calm (spokojen), then he is pleased. If the Czech is important (Vázný), it means that he is serious. But if not Vázný, A VáZený-then yes, dear.

Well, much more interesting, in the toilet if it is written «Attacked» – Do not be afraid, it means that 🙂

Cheap Czech Republic

The fact is very pleasant, rent a hotel near the center 4 * for two possible for 1000 rubles. Hostels – from 200 rubles for bed. And these are practical in the center of Europe!

Food – Also not expensive and very tasty. Beer on average 35 rubles in the restaurant, soup for 50, and the second 130 rubles. Sit with a gulyasik and dumplings (or pork ribs), and even with the first (supreki thick) and under 3-4 mugs of excellent beer, you can spend our rubles for 400. In supermarkets, everything is also cheap, for example, we took meat for kebabs and various sausages, beer box. All this cost 900 rubles for the whole company.

The rule of the first entrance

I have long noticed that the Czech Republic emphasizes those who visited it earlier than the rest of Europe. Then, after later, visiting Paris and Zurihi, thinking about: «Here is certainly cool, but last year it was cooler in Prague». Want to start familiarizing with Europe? Start with Prague 🙂

It all started with the departure of Avian Perm-Moscow for 475 rubles, went to bed – was summer. Woke up – Zima.

Therefore, when a good offer of Lufthanza from Moscow to Berlin for 5 thousand, I could not resist. Burlin-Prague Berlin’s bus tickets were purchased for 1,200 rubles, made himself Czech multi-year and ahead! For the fourth time in Prague 🙂

Avianova brought us to the capital exactly on schedule. Try.

Why love Prague

In Moscow, girls ran away from exhibitions and museums of contemporary art, we – in beer. Planned to spend the night in the hostel Bulgakov, that on Arbat for 500 rubles per person. For some reason, they settled us not together, and it turned out that I would live separately.

Hostel himself is something. They write about themselves: "Cozy vintage setting, and the interior of the old «Bulgakovskaya» Moscow". and the same – communal. They write that 6-bed numbers will fall to everyone in taste: both businessmen, and students and children’s groups.

The rooms were 5 square meters, where we barely as 3-storey beds were squeezed. I have not seen a lot of hostels in Europe, but I haven’t seen such perversion yet. The most terrible waiting for me in my room where I had to be separate from the guys.

Lead to doors, param-pam-pam, creaking it opens and me. just demolides the aroma that rushes from there. Eyes will get away. Bosy two Uzbek or Tajik are sitting and brewed scores with some kind of rubbish. I immediately remembered Indonesians at the Helsinki airport, which got some kind of chicken (stinky), sat down on the floor and gave it loudly, then we hid out of smell in another terminal 🙂 In room 5, 5 meters not hide.

The administrator herself felt something wrong, and offered to move to another hostel – Pushkin called where there are places. Also on Arbat.

Came. Other business: clean, neat, complimentary coffee, tea, internet. In the room – freshness. And no one except us and this is all for 500 rubles. The thing is to spend the night!

In Moscow, I liked the parade, preparation for it. I think on Tverskaya saw almost all the technique hard: Tanks, Poplar.

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