Why lays the ears in the plane and how to deal with it?

One of the most popular problems with which almost everyone who flew by the plane was faced is the stuffed ears.

Why lays the ears in the plane?

We have already written that the ears on the plane laid due to the difference in pressure in the human body and the external environment.

We will understand this issue more ..

Air pressure in the ear (or rather in the drum cavity) should be equal to the atmospheric. When the aircraft is gaining height, the atmospheric pressure decreases, the pressure difference occurs and one of the sides presses the membrane, which we feel like concluding in the ear.

So that the pressure in the middle ear becomes equal to the atmospheric, you need to make several swallowing movements or open your mouth wide. This increases the clearance of Evstachiyeva (auditory) pipe, which connects the cavity of the middle ear with the nasophal.

Normally, the pressure is aligned pretty quickly. But if the Essakhi pipe clearance is already the case, then it’s not so simple.

For example, if you have bothered or have an inflammatory process in the ear, the mucus and swelling can be narrowed or blocked the channel in general, which will prevent the air passage through the pipe. For this reason, it is undesirable to fly with the laid nose and cold.

How to get rid of stagnation in the ears?

The most common way &# 8211; try to yawn, make swallowing or chewing movements. For this purpose, some airlines treat their passengers with candy. If you fly with your child and it lays your ears on the plane, while takeoff and landing give him a bottle.

Why lays the ears in the plane and how to deal with it

If it does not help, then the second way to get rid of stagnation in the ear &# 8211; Think his. To do this, close your mouth and clamp your nose with your hands, try to breathe air. When exhaling into the squeezed nose, an overpressure is created in the larynx, and the air needs to go somewhere &# 8211; He pierces a plug.

If you regularly laid ears on the plane, then it is advisable to do not sleep during takeoff and landing. T.To. You will not be able to take advantage of the methods proposed above. If you have a long flight, ask the stewardess to wake you up before landing.

As we have already written above, during the runny nose and colds are not desirable not to fly, but what to do if the trip can not be transferred?

In this case, you will save droplets from a cold. Most drops contain vasoconstrictors, they will reduce swelling and get rid of you from mucus, which will increase the clearance of Evstachiye pipe.

Rubber can occur not only as a consequence of colds, but also as a result of allergies. If you suffer from this ailment, capture antihistamines with you.

In foreign online stores, pharmacies and airports you can purchase special earplugs that help adjust pressure. They slow down the speed of change of air pressure on the eardrum. You can use them during take-off and landing.

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