Why Kirill and Methodius created an alphabet

Holy Bogoroditsky Cathedral Icons "The recovery of the dead" – The second Orthodox Temple in Los Angeles. It is built and consecrated in 1923.

The current bishop, Vladyka Tikhon – American with an outstanding fate. Already in a mature age, having resigned by Colonel, he came to faith, graduated from the seminary, then the Academy, who defeated the church-Slavic and became at the head of the cathedral. The composition of his clira "mixed": Ieria Michael Singness serves in English, and Mikhail Orlov, who arrived several years ago from St. Petersburg – in our.

They go here mostly descendants of the first emigration, however, quite a few and settlers of recent years.

Since the end of the fifties, a Sunday school operates at the church. In addition to the Law of God and purely religious disciplines, our history, literature, classical secular music, our folk songs teach. In high schools, once every two months, girls are obliged to sing on the closer to have an idea of ​​the progress of the liturgy, and the boys are serviced by altarics. True, the current parents are increasingly interested in the secular part of education. It seems to them that one our language is enough.

But the parents cannot affect the school curriculum – training is free, all expenses are carrying the church. True, covered tables with a treat for Easter, for Christmas, as well as in days when children are confessing and communished – all this is traditionally parental care.

School idea – First of all, learning spiritual. "our culture, "said the teacher Valery Petrovich, student-theologian himself, – from Orthodoxy inseparable. After all, Kirill and Methodius have created its own alphabet so that people can read not comics, but the Bible. Of course, it is difficult to defend the two-hour service, especially during the post, but without it "grace", "spiritual experience" may remain a set of empty words."

Why Kirill and Methodius created an alphabet

At the age of five – namely, from this age, they begin to engage – children still no thoughtfulness and seriousness, but they like it in the church, curiosity takes her, and the fresh soul remembers better.

Learn not only baptized. Here, for example, Lisa. In her family there were priests, and rabbis, parents are completely indifferent to faith that for the modern lifestyle, rather, the rule. Nobody forced Lisa, she read out the Bible, defended his service, only the communion was not supposed to. She did not take offense at her "inequality", Continuing to participate in school life, and, already adult, baptized, convincing parents that this is her conscious choice.

On the change here they run, fool – faith does not interfere, and the lord is strict, but in moderation. The temple is also strict but not undressed. This corner of the earth for the our diaspora is very. And nothing takes away from America.

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