Why it is worth relaxing in Spain. 11 reasons

Thoughts about the upcoming vacation are pleasantly warm the soul, and here it is. For each recreation &# 8211; This is something your own, intimate, what restores the Force gives the opportunity to get together with thoughts, removing from everyday routine, and inspires new proximity.
But for some rest is unthinkable without warm sea and chic beaches. For others there is no greater pleasure than to rise in the mountains Or commit Hike in nature With overnight in a tent. Third enjoy the works of art and culture, visiting Museums and historical monuments.
Holidays for every taste will be able to solar Spain. There is at least, 11 reasons to choose for vacation this amazing country.


Mediterranean climate of Spain allows feel comfortable all year round. Fresh sea breeze in the summer months brings the desired coolness, saving from the scorching heat. In winter, the mainland of the country is preserved Plus temperature, snow does not happen, the precipitates fall predominantly in the north. The most favorable is the climate Tenerife, No wonder it is called the island of eternal spring. Air temperature changes there for a year from +20 to +30 degrees Celsius. Its constancy in combination with moderate humidity is perfect for recreation of both children and older people.


Amateurs Sea rest, Arriving B Spain, All of their desires will be able to fulfill: to swim in the purest waters, sunbathe on the beaches, ride the waves. Spanish beaches Regardless of the belonging, and private and municipal, pleases with their essential and developed infrastructure. All over the coast are numerousCafes, Baby and Sports Platform, Water Sports Inventory Rental Points, who enjoy the holidaymakers deserved popularity. Areas Costa Dorada and Costa Blanca like families with kids security and convenience for swimming, and town El Med With its constant winds and long waves will be a real paradise for surficists.

The mountains

Mountain arrays occupy a significant part of the territory Spain. Enjoying mountain landscapes will be able to lucky, visiting the National Park Teide on Tenerife. Distelling species S The highest point of Spain-tops of the dormant volcano Tadeid Rewrite travelers for the tedious rise. But if you go on foot there is no desire or strength, you can climb to the crater on Funicular. Bright greenery of Canary pines on the background of black volcanic rocks admires the riot of paints. White cumulus clouds floating not above the head, but under their feet, give this place an unreal and fantastic look.


Vintage Spanish cities has long been famous for its unique architectural style. Under the influence of mixing European and Asian cultures Created set unique objects. Cause delight and fascinate the creations of famous Spanish masters: GingerbreadGuell Park’s houses, Majestic Sagrada Cathedral, Surname Antonio Gaudi in Barcelona, ​​Salvador Museum Dali in the town of Figueras and many others. Historical complex Alhambra in Granada to this day retained the power of the fortress walls and the elegance of palaces, being Monument of Moorish architecture and one of the most visited places in Spain. Not only vintage, but also modern buildings of Spain are able to surprise the fans of architecture. Water-reflected in the pool, snow-white futuristic facilities of the city of art and sciences in Valencia, impressive and seem to be alien.


Connoisseurs visual arts There is nothing to please in Spain. Treasures of world culture are presented in the numerous museums of the country who gave the world of the greatest painters, such as Velasquez, Goya, El Greek. The famous storage of masterpieces is Museum Prado in Madrid, It presents the Royal Collection of Wanish Masters. V Barcelona worth to visit National Museum of Art Catalonia, in which, among other things, gathered magnificent works El Greco and Velasquez. Picasso Museums in Malaga and Barcelona Meet the life and creativity of this outstanding artist. Salvador Dali Theater Museum In addition to its architectural value, it is famous for the exposition of paintings as the author himself and other recognized paintings.


Pleasant impression and desire to come to Spain Once again, leaves communication with her residents. Descendants of fearless conquestadors are cheerful, open and very friendly. Like all southerners, Spaniards may seem a few impulsive and ne binding, But this is compensated by them Hospitality and Raddle. Especially warm and fast response will follow Request a tourist, spanish. Then the owners will do everything possible and impossible to help the guest.


Famous Spanish delicacies, such as Hamon, Cheese, Olives attract gourmet off all over the world. Kitchen Spain diverse and extensive, in each region the same dish is prepared in different ways. For example, Famous Paella v Catalonia Essentially different from Palelia in Valencia or Malaga, Therefore, it is worth trying all options. Products are distinguished by freshness and excellent quality both in expensive restaurants and in budget supermarkets. Everyone will find a treat to taste: and Fans of meat dishes, and fans of seaside cuisine, and vegetarian. Grown fruits and vegetables Above all silence and are not expensive.

Why it is worth relaxing in Spain. 11 reasons


Spaniards, like no other nation, know the sense in wine and are one of the leaders in its production. Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Valencia, These names sound like music for wines connoisseurs. Perennial tradition of winemaking supported and constantly developing. Famous Winery Torres Carries out exciting excursions, where you can not only try its products, but also see the process of making drinking drinks, as well as learn their history.


This temperamental dance originated in Andalusia. The first performers were local Gypsy, that evening impromptu presentation in a circle of. With time flamenco It became very popular and still does not leave indifferent even people far from the dance. Expression and energy of a hurricane dancers It makes tremble hearts of the audience to the beat of the guitar busting and sounds of castanets. The best dancers are those people not the youngest, have not only perfected the technique, but also some experience. Flamenco-it’s not just a dance, it’s the story of life, where every move or talk about the eye experienced passion, loss, lost love and hope.


There are various ways to treat bullfight, but hardly anyone would argue that it is distinctive exciting spectacle, reflecting Spanish history and local flavor. V Catalonia and on Canary Islands bullfighting no longer spend. But there are still the city where you can watch this eerie representation. Basically, it is the south of the city: Malaga, Valencia, Seville. The biggest bullring Las Ventas It located in the capital of the country – Madrid and holds more 23 thousand spectators. for Spaniards Corrida-This is real holiday, a bullfighters considered national heroes, award-glory and people’s love.

Children’s entertainment

for the thirsty Entertainment tourists Spain There are many options for how to organize their leisure time. Parents with children will be delighted by theme parks. The most popular of them – Port Aventura, Located in the spa town Salou, comprises six thematic areas. Time flies it fun and interesting for both adults and kids. Even a couple of days is not enough to ride all the attractions of the park, participate in games, and to see all the views. Completed daily celebration evening show fantastic heroes and spectacular fireworks. Everyone who has ever been in Port Aventura-certainly want him to come back and bring their children.

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