Why it is worth come to the island of Crete

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Why it is worth come to Crete

Crete — The southernmost point on the map of Greece. Its coast is washed by the water of three warm seas: Aegean, Ionical and Libyan. The island stands out from the archipelago by:

First, he is considered to be a tourist center of the Mediterranean. To this day, excavations are held here on the ruins of ancient — Midna — civilization. Tourists can explore legendary places, sneaken in ancient Greek myths: a labyrinth in which Minotauri died.

Secondly, this is a multicultural edge. Here the Christian temples and Muslim mosques, Turkish fortresses and monasteries of different eras coexist peacefully.

Thirdly, a small island can be circumvented in a day or two along and across. So what is next? Boredom! Crete Square — More than 8 thousand square meters, it stretches for 250 km from the west to the East. Coming there is no time: excursions, hiking in the mountains and caves, developed infrastructure (discos, night clubs, attractions for children).

And, most importantly, if we compare prices with other islands, then in Crete they are somewhat lower. At the end of the season, accommodation, food, car rental becomes cheaper.

How to get from Russia

You can get to Crete from Russia in two ways: directly and with transfers. In season, the Greek company Aegean performs direct flights Moscow-Iraklion, less often Moscow — Chania, our tour operators offer charters. This method has advantages: the road takes less time and costs cheaper.

The second option: Flight to Athens or Thessaloniki, and from there ferry to Heraklion. Choosing this path, the tourist should take into account that the ferry coasts running between the coasts — Not cruise liners. Yes, and time to get to the place, there is a lot. But if the rest decided to take advantage of the opportunity to visit the sights of Athens, and then enjoy the marine romance, the path with transfers will not depress.

Areas of Crete, popular resorts

Crete consists of four parts — nomes: Lassithi, Heraklion, Chania and RETIM.

Heraklion — the central part of the island, which are popular among ours resorts Malia, Stalida, Hersonissos, Gouves, Kokkini Hani, Ammoudara, Agia Pelagia. In the capital of the nome of Heraklion international airport, convenient transportation to travel around the island.

Rethymno — another district, a favorite with our tourists. Like medieval architecture keeps the ancient heart of the island. The main resorts are located in Panormo, Bali.

Lassithi — eastern region of the island, the sunniest and probably expensive. Luxury hotels and resorts are located in the best Aghios Nikolaos and Elounda.

Chania — Western Crete. It is very lush vegetation and views of the White Mountains, Samaria canyon will impress the most jaded traveler. The popular resorts of edge: Georgioupolis, Agia Marina, Platanias, Palaiochora, Bali.

Tourists prefer to relax North Coast. The East tend to lovers of archaeological sites. West attracts colorful landscapes: mountain ravines, picturesque valleys. In the South, the most relaxed atmosphere, in remote parts of the island’s infrastructure is underdeveloped, which is compensated by the Cretan hospitality residents.


The northern part of Crete, often referred to as one endless beach. Numerous hotels have their own access to the sea, carefully equipped bathing areas. Here, in a sufficient amount of umbrellas, deck chairs, cabins for changing clothes.

Among the variety of beaches can be identified places of worship, known all over the world. «Elafonisi» (Elafonisi) captivates sand pink hue and tint azure surf.

palm beach «Wai» (Vai surrounded by date palm grove, this place is considered a paradise. They say that there were shooting a promotional video «Bounty». But what is certain: the beach was and still is a favorite place of rest hippie.

Beach «Balos» (Balos is located in the harbor, according to legend, first — Pirate. Romantic attract white sand, aquamarine waves, ancient castle — refuge of corsairs, stories about the sunken ship in these waters.

I act on all the beaches diving clubs. After passing a small training course anyone can fall into the sea. North Beach is a popular spot for diving. places of attraction: «cemetery anchors» next to the ferry, underwater volcano at Santorini, Elephant Cave with stalactites in the vicinity of Chania, giant sea turtles and squid in the village of Plakias.

The traveler to choose whether to stay in a crowded trendy beach or find a quiet place in a quiet lagoon.


Why it is worth come to the island of Crete

Crete — the southernmost point of not only Greece, but also in Europe. The holiday season is longer, beginning in April and May and lasts until November.

The spring months are not always enough water warms. Therefore, lovers splash in the warm sea should be selected later. But the end of April — the beginning of a violent bloom on the island. For photographers this is the most suitable season. In July and August in Crete is a large heat. It is easy to get a sunburn or heat stroke.

Milder temperature regime is established in September, — early October. At this time can be enough to swim, take a sun bath sparing. In September holiday-stream thins and holiday prices start to go down — a great opportunity to further savings.

At the end of the season, somewhere in the second half of October, on the island of the rains, the mountain roads washed out and become dangerous. This period is coming to fans of extreme sports, and for those who prefer privacy.

What to see

Popular destinations for excursions in Crete enough. Must Sees:

  • Heraklion: three Minoan Palace, the maze at Knossos, the Archaeological Museum;
  • Rethymno: Arcadia monastery, the ruins of the ancient city of Falasarna;
  • Chania: Byzantine era Frangokastello fortress, Botanical park with unique inhabitants — hundreds of species of butterflies and wild birds.

Tourists are also attracted to the mountain of Dikti (according to legend, the cave was born in her master of Olympian Zeus), Samaria Gorge, Salt Lake Voulismeni.

Crete hotels

The most comfortable and luxury hotels are concentrated in the north of the island. Among them is a service system «all inclusive», in some you can order half board (breakfast and dinner), some rooms are equipped with a small kitchen where you can cook yourself.

On the western and southern coast of housing prices affordable. Here you can find a modest boarding house or guest house. Many prefer to rent a room in the mountain villages. In the southern hotels little room, and the hostess prepares personally fragrant pastries for the morning coffee.

Crete is characterized in that visit the island may desire with different income levels and requirements for comfort.

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