Why it is in Anapa to relax with children?

AnapaBeautiful Black Sea Resort. This small city, with a population of about 90 thousand. person (in agglomeration almost 200 thousand. man), happily takes his guests at all times of the year.

Anapa – Popular City Resort Current with Children.

As soon as the "warm" season comes, we look forward to vacation to relax. But many love to relax with their family. Anapa How can not be suitable for family holiday with children.

Historically, still in the Soviet Union, Anapa was famous for its children’s resorts. Why? Yes, here are the ideal conditions for recreation with children.

At first, Soft and warm climate, perfect for maintaining and restoring child health.

Secondly, great amount Parks of entertainment, dolphinariums and oceanariums, zoos, various thematic and informational excursions. All this will allow perfectly to spend time not only for children, but also adults.

Where to go and what to see with children?

Entertainment complex "Nemo".

The first thing which should go along with the children – This dolphinarium "Nemo". What represents "Nemo"? This is a whole entertainment complex, where various shows with various marine animals, not only dolphins.

Special programs: "Dolphin", "swimming with dolphins" are useful for children of all ages. Communication with dolphins has a beneficial effect on children’s health and especially on their psyche.

Dolphins serve during the day and evening penguins give their view. an unforgettable impression.

Here it is located and beautiful aquarium. There you can see live sharks, stingray and a variety of beautiful sea of ‚Äč‚Äčtropical fish.

At the heart of the city is located the zoo. Coming here, you find yourself like in a corner of wilderness. There are so many exotic animals and birds. Here you can see the white tiger, which you will not see in any other zoo on the coast Black Sea.

Activities with children.

Why it is in Anapa to relax with children

Children love to play, because they so much energy. The best place for recreation with children – this water park.

In Anapa has three very famous water park – "Tiki Tak", "Golden Beach" and "Olympia". For children there are all conditions. There are water slides, on which you can go from 10 years, and for the little ones a special pool.

After all the adventures you can just walk with children in the city, good and there is enough entertainment.

In Central Park Can be found many attractions, a ride on the carousel, jump on the trampoline and shoot at the shooting range.

You can take Bike rental and go to the famous Anapa lighthouse and enjoy the view of the sea with high embankment.

With children to the museum.

Lots of museums Anapa waiting for their guests. This is I Museum, museum of bells, the Wax Museum, lock "Lion’s Head".

So, you should definitely take a trip with children Anapa. It is here, can fully relax not only adults but also children.

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