Why is the Northern Light?

Northern Lights can occur all year round at any time of the day, but they are noticeable from the ground only against the dark night sky. This exciting spirit and amazing natural spectacle can continue from several hours sometimes up to several days.

Polar radiances occur during periods when the magnetic field of our Earth at a huge speed is bombarded by electrically charged particles, repeatedly accelerated sunshine. Therefore, the northern lights are usually best visible near the magnetic poles. For the first time, the great our scientist Mikhail Lomonosov was pointed to the electric nature of the northern lights, afterwards his hypothesis was experimentally confirmed by other scientists. They even managed, already in our time, artificially create and then learn the northern lights. So happened, for example, in 1975, during the Soviet-French research program Araks.

This electromagnetic phenomenon covers huge near-earth spaces. There can be no one, even the most powerful, jet plane in the zone of the Northern Light. If the lower border of the radiance is at an altitude of at least 60km, then the top reaches the level 960km from the surface of the planet.

Why is the Northern Light

Northern Lights are noticeably more often arising in spring and autumn than at another time of the year. And the peak of the radiation frequency falls for periods close to the time of spring or autumn equinox. Usually during the Northern Lights for a fairly short time above the surface of the Earth, a huge amount of energy is emitted.

So, during one of the recently registered indignation scientists, 172 Joule emissions were registered, it is about the same as six points in the earthquake. When observed from the Earth, the Northern Lights manifests itself as a rapidly changing, pulsating glow of the sky or the movement of the rays, «crown», Strins, «Curtain».

Why is the Northern Light

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