Why is the Aboriginal Internet?

There is a conviction that the Internet is a symbol of a modern Western society, which opposes the society traditional, aboriginal. We are like division of people all over the world for two unequal parts: some go naked in the deserts of Australia, while others wear costumes, drive cars flying on airplanes and use the Internet.

In fact, this is contrasted incorrect. Although the Internet is really associated with Western civilization, it has advantages that are with great pleasure use and representatives of traditional communities. As well as we, they convey their words and thoughts at a distance, talking to loved ones or can learn some information: let’s say, do not go for several tens of kilometers to learn the cost of products, and figure out the Internet in advance.

Why is the Aboriginal Internet

Internet for traditional peoples – the thing you need. The first example is from Amazonia. Living there Indians of the ethnic community of Vaura, leading traditional lifestyle and even engaged in the farming of early form, have an online hut. There they are reported to Funai – the National Foundation of Brazil on the Protection of Indigenous Populations: Do they have medicines, as a meeting with tourists has passed, is there any emergencies, where you need help from a big land. Through the Internet Vaura even invite tourists: their arrival motivates wider to hold national holidays. In general, permanent internet connection allows Vaura to support his traditional culture, no matter how paradoxically sounded!

The second example is the island state Vanuatu in the Pacific Ocean. It is generally (and in particular, Tanna Island) It is known that the last cargo-cults are common – movements, deifying Western cultural leaders. His supporters believe that Western goods (CARGO – "cargo") are created by the spirits of ancestors and are intended for the Melanesian people, and the white dishonestly captured them. The central figure of the cult is a certain John Fruum, a semi-more American soldier of the Second World War (it is likely that it is a collective image, not a specific person), which will make followers of a cult with rich and prosperous. About other strange religions "My Planet" wrote in this review.

Why is the Aboriginal Internet

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