Why is sharp not to drink water?

Water you can, of course, can, but it will not make any sense. Because the burning taste of the poddy pepper gives alkaloid capsaicin. Once in the body, it acts on TRPV1 receptors that are responsible for heat sensation and pain. They are activated when you drink too hot tea or eat something too spicy.

Brain receptors send a signal that you eat something harmful to the body, and he instantly responds. If in the dish turned out to be a lot of pepper, eyes watering, nose pawns, there is a burning sensation and a desire to wash it down, get rid of unpleasant sensations. So the body tries to dislodge the undesirable substance and neutralize it. But! Capsaicin is not soluble in water, but only "smeared" Oral and further through the esophagus, due to which the unpleasant feeling is enhanced.

How can "extinguish the fire"? There are several ways.

Firstly, the effect of capsaicin suppresses fat dairy products such as milk, kefir, yogurt, cheese, ice cream. Protein casein remove capsaicin from nerve endings and burning takes place. And, if you choose between a glass of milk and cold kefir 3-4% fat, Board Second. Fat and acid dissolved alkaloid and soothe irritated receptors possessing shielding effect. If you do not want yogurt, you can eat ice cream. will also help.

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Secondly, similarly, operate other foods containing a large quantity of fats. Therefore, you can eat a little vegetable oil or a few pieces of chocolate, preferably milk, since it is composed and fats and casein.

Why is sharp not to drink water

Third, capsaicin dissolves well in ethanol. Consequently, a pair of sips of wine or other alcoholic beverages also will remove the burning sensation. Exception – the beer as it contained hops enhances sharpness.

Fourth, help methods generally a piece of bread or a potato dish. Starch absorbs capsaicin, acting like activated carbon. This is why rice is the foundation of Asian dishes teeming with hot spices.

But you can get used to pepper. It’s enough to introduce it in your diet, gradually increasing the dose. The main thing is not to fall in extremes and do not forget that the sharpness is different. The one who tries the Atomic Kick Ass sauce can begin seizures, internal bleeding and paralysis of the facial muscles, which will continue about half an hour. Therefore, before you taste it, the restaurant’s visitor is obliged to sign a special paper that frees the establishment of responsibility for the possible consequences.

Why is sharp not to drink water

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