Why is it important to travel more in youth

Today you finish the university, and then hop – you already 50. And the world really did not look! Or think that they will delay the pensions like the Chinese? But they have another story. Previous age is also cool to travel, and there are posses. But in this article, we find out why it is important to squeeze the maximum while young and hot.

Adaptation in a new place

Than we are younger, the easier it is to get used to the new place, the weather, the hour belt. No longer needed a lot of time to come to yourself, which means there is more time to entertain!

The adaptation also refers to physical and intellectual loads, and the training is doing something faster. For example, move to another country, find there work, new friends and learn the language easier until we are young. In old age it becomes harder and requires more time.

Minimum for comfort

Agree, on youth somehow do not pay attention to the comfort. In the hostel shared shower? No problem. The hotel is 4 km from the center? PF, here to go! Spend the night in the tent in the park? And this is interesting!

But than we are older, the less let’s get into such adventures. We are looking for comfortable hotels with breakfast, more often using public transport, so as not to go a couple of stops on foot, and they are not ready to sleep at all sitting at the station, just until you pay for the hotel once again. Body and bones require soft perin and healthy sleep!

But in such things and the spirit of the adventure lies, and if you do not try it now, it will be necessary to remember.

More reassens for travel

While we did not hurt career and family – this is a reason to go on a trip! Collect the company of the same or go alone in search of new friends or yourself. With age, we are wrapped in obligations. Vacation for a whole month at work can not give, and the family does not quit for half a year in order to overweight in Tae (if you go together there is no possibility). And from the old adventures will remain only bars a couple of times a year for some resort. This also has its advantages, but to feel the time to feel.


Why is it important to travel more in youth

Alas, but retired discounts are shine not everywhere. But people under 30 have the opportunity to break the kush. In some countries, students and young guys are dropping there. And if you place youth international ISIC cards or EYCA, you can get discounts even on tickets and hotels (this is at least). Cards are valid for a year and may arrange any up to 30 years (inclusive). Very convenient on travel: discounts on entrance tickets to museums, preferential passage and so on.


Although it is individually, but most people with age gradually decreases that frantic interest in everything that was in 20 years. We have already seen a lot for our years, we can already surprise us. Noisy companies under the window cause discontent, and not the desire to go hang out, more and more skepticism and turning in queues.

Therefore, it is necessary to constantly warm up interest and discover new places. But the fact remains: to conquer Elbrus in 50 is already harder than in 25. Climbing the viewing platform on a high mountain, making racing around the roots and stones is also not so easy when it is already in 40.

Friends, while you are young, travel as often as possible, climb as high as possible, or to swim as far as possible. Embroiled in a pleasant adventure, active rest, to lie down because the resort you will always have time 🙂

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Why is it important to travel more in youth

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