Why is it considered to be a flying saucer aliens transport?

When somewhere flashed a message about the appearance of UFOs in the sky, nine out of ten people imagine a flying saucer. Her image is so firmly entrenched in our lives that is already quite difficult to imagine if the aliens may be other vehicles. However, this form of aircraft is based not only on the imagination of people. She has a logical explanation.

From the standpoint of physics the best form for a spacecraft considered sphere, because it provides the maximum internal volume with minimal surface area and therefore the minimum weight cladding. Furthermore, the scope – is the equilibrium shape. It is no accident the world are shaped not perfect, but still a ball. Thus, if the earth, for example resembled a suitcase, it angles to selling and wall under the action of internal pressure – vspuchilis. But this applies only to objects whose size is more than hundred kilometers. Spaceships clearly less. Therefore, there may be a different shape – for example, a disk-shaped.

The first attempts to create an alien ship took a Nikola Tesla, but nobody was interested in research. However, already in the first half of the XX century in the United States began to develop devices, like flying saucers. Gradually joined by researchers from other countries to the Americans, including the USSR. So, at the end of 1980 there was a project "Termoplan", and in 1991 at the Ulyanovsk aircraft plant has been demonstrated, "plate" with a diameter of 40 m and a height of 16 m. However, due to the collapse of the country’s authorities had no time for development of airships oddly shaped and the project was closed.

But the scientists realized that the disk-like shape provides high stability, high lift, and reduced aerodynamic drag, making it possible to significantly reduce the mileage during takeoff, landing.

Why is it considered to be a flying saucer aliens transport

Design flying saucers and now. Triton Systems on the orders of the US Air Force has developed a series of unmanned aerial vehicles that have the shape and size of a flying plate. Such initiatives have both in other countries – for example, the Australian project Skylifter or the our unmanned airship "Annie", which can be used for intelligence, geographic, cartography, advertising.

Sometimes people see flying plates in the sky, and determine the origin of such an object is most often impossible, at least a naked eye. And from here, the faith of people is strengthened to the fact that the aliens once again visited.

Why is it considered to be a flying saucer aliens transport

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