Why in the world is eating not only a spoon and fork?

The same dish in different countries may eat differently. For example, in Russia, rice is usually eaten by a fork, in China – chopsticks, and in India – the right hand. The formation of such different traditions is usually influenced by three factors: natural and climatic conditions, historical prerequisites and religious beliefs.

Thus, the nomadic ancestors of the population of the deserted regions of Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, as well as the population of India, Nepal, the peoples of the Caucasus and the Far North was familiar to cooking with a knife, but there are her hands. Cause – Sigor Natural Conditions. Life is very hot or, on the contrary, a cold climate, as well as in the mountainous areas, made its adjustments in the tradition of eating. People were historically concerned about getting food. Ideas about comfort they had very limited. Not up to him!

In Asian countries – China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, partly Thailand and some others, where Confucianism is common, – the most demanded cutting devices are sticks. All because the Chinese confusion thinker considered the knife to the murder tool and did not use it. There was another reason that influenced the spread of sticks. The main food for Asia is rice. His round-winding varieties during cooking are going to small lumps, which are more convenient.

Cutlery familiar to Europeans: a knife, a spoon and fork – did not appear immediately and not at the same time. Ancient of them is considered to be a knife. The first knives for people served pointed fragments of stones that allowed to hunt and extract food. The spoon also appeared in antiquity, but much later. Her prototype served as a mollusk sink, which was convenient to cry out liquids. Over time, the sink acquired a handle and, thus, turned into a spoon. Over the next centuries, she repeatedly changed her form until it became that we know her.

Why in the world is eating not only a spoon and fork

According to modern research, 30% of the population of the Earth eat with the help of a knife, spoons and forks, even about 30% – chopsticks. As it is not surprising, but most still eating hands

The youngest of modern cutlery is fork. The first known specimens are found in ancient states. Her ancestor is a double rogatin, which was convenient to draw meat from a boiling boiler or turn it on a fire. The first forks also had two teeth, only not curved, as now, and direct. An additional teeth and the characteristic form of the plug acquired only in the XVII-XVIII centuries. By the way, the Catholic Church actively opposed its spread, considering the subject by the generation of the devil due to the "stirness".

Nowadays, every resident of the planet is available any cutlery available. For example, sushi we eat chopsticks, and pilaf can eat hands for all the rules of oriental cuisine and etiquette. In countries with European culture, it is customary with the help of cutlery, but also there are products that eat only their hands. For example, bread. In addition, fast food restaurants teaching Europeans to the absence of cutlery, and it also became the norm.

Why in the world is eating not only a spoon and fork

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