Why in the US still use public laundries?

Washing and ironing services appear in the West at the end of the XIX century. It was not cheap: work was carried out by specially hired staff, and order delivery was expected by mail. About to come somewhere to wash the lingerie itself did not go. During the Great Depression, there was a need for cheap laundries for wide segments of the population. The first social laundry, based on the principle of self-service, was opened in 1934. In the city of Fort Worth in Texas. Although in initially in the laundry room there were only four electric washing machines, it quickly became popular and spilled off the cost of the owner. The high need of society in public laundries and the relatively low costs of their discovery predetermined the mass occurrence of laundry of self-service in the 30-40s. Although, as many Americans are raised, many Americans begin to acquire their own washing machines, but the practice of using public laundries is widespread in the US still. What is the reason?

First, the Americans are close to the idea of ​​saving: saving water, electricity and space in houses. Laundry services are cheap, you can wash with coins or special payment cards.

Why in the US still use public laundries

Secondly, many landlords forbid a washing machine to people who remove housing. Real estate owners fear leaks and short circuits. Therefore, the main clients of public laundries are those who can not wash in removable housing. However, quite wealthy Americans periodically use the services of the laundries, coming here several times a year to wash large things: blankets, pillows, bedspreads, etc.

Thirdly, modern public laundries create a fairly high level of comfort for customers. In addition to washing machines, drying machines, ironing devices and other devices that are essentially facilitating the process are provided. Recently, you can find televisions, free Wi-Fi and coffee machines, allowing customers a pleasant time to spend time. As a rule, the overwhelming majority of American public laundries work around the clock, located in the basements of apartment buildings or in the immediate vicinity of supermarkets, that is, even very busy people can use them.

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