Why in the dead sea need to go back. Plus another 6 rules

Swimming in the Dead Sea in Israel can be at least unpleasant and as a maximum fatal, if not to follow certain rules. Travelers who have already visited there, explain how to safely enjoy this miracle of nature.

At first glance, the Dead Sea looks like a picture of sleep or from the tourist catalog. Having passed through the deserted Jewish plain, the traveler sees, as turquoise-blue silent water appears behind the sand dune. Every day, thousands of tourists reach this unique place. But not everyone knows about the danger that hides in this wonderful reservoir. In fact, the water of the Dead Sea is so poisonous that people can die by making a few big sips.

Cause: Water here has a huge salt content, more than 30%. For comparison: in the Mediterranean salts only 3%. For this reason, in the Dead Sea, you can swim on the water or read the newspaper on the surface. However, the high concentration of minerals affects the human body as poison.

To prevent bad effects of swimming, tourists must follow the instructions of the rescuers and adhere to certain rules that act on public beaches and are placed on information boards.

Official rules for safe swimming on the Dead Sea:

  1. It is preferable to go into the water and dive very slowly, licking on the back. A huge concentration of minerals in water will not let you drown.
  2. You can not swim on the stomach. However, it is unlikely to succeed, since the human body acquires the effect of a traffic jam in these waters – You all the time will push on the surface or turn over the back. By the way, it is very convenient: you can simply lie on the surface of the water or even read.
  3. Why in the dead sea need to go back. Plus another 6 rules of tourism articles from the tourism
  4. Do not try to dive or get your feet bottom: you should behave very carefully on the Dead Sea. Diving and Kuwarki are not allowed. The risk is the possibility of poisoning when water in the mouth and the mucous membrane of the eye.
  5. Do not try to swim for the allowed bathing area. On some beaches, such as en bokek, you can swim relatively far. On other sections of the coast, for example, in the area of ​​potassium Beach, the bathing area is very limited. This limitation makes sense: in some places the salt content is higher than in others, and the power of buoyancy decreases.
  6. It is necessary to drink a lot of water: lying in the water, many often forget that they are still in the desert. Humidity is very low here, and the temperature is high (at the beginning of summer, even on colder days, the temperature is at least 35 °C, in the middle of summer it can reach 50 °C), and besides, salt water dries. Therefore, you need to be very careful, drink plenty of water and stay on the dead sea maximum three hours.
  7. We can use the beach shoes: due to the extremely high salt content in the Dead Sea on its shore, salt crystals are formed, which can be sharp. In addition, the soil, especially in dirty places, can be very slippery. Footwear will protect the legs and prevents the fall.

To the one who holds these rules, there is nothing to fear in the Dead Sea.

And, of course, you should not panic: a small amount of water on the lips will not lead to poisoning. So it is recommended to keep your mouth closed, allow water to carry you and enjoy the feeling of silkiness on your skin.

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Why in the dead sea need to go back. Plus another 6 rules of tourism articles from the tourism

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