Why in some countries left-sided movement?

The most, perhaps, the beautiful version of His «Levizny» Foggy Albion inhabitants put forward. According to her, in medieval England, Knights preferred to ride on the left side of the street, so that it was more convenient to shake his right hand to meet the knight, or fight him. By the way, in addition to England itself, most countries in which the left-sided movement exists today – Former English colonies, and dominions (half colonia) – India, Pakistan, Australia and many smaller countries.

V «Right-sided» The United States also has its own historical version of the commitment to the right-hand movement. According to her, the carts of American first-stems during traveling by endless prairies «Tsugom» – two or even three rows in pairs or even in three rows and on the front left horse – Foretor, it was more convenient for him and manage a harness, and sit on a horse, and pork with her. Accordingly, the movement was right.

In Russia, the movement on the roads and streets was traditionally rightful, and in 1752 this tradition was officially fixed by Decree Empress Elizabeth Petrovna. Since then, Russia has passed two invasions of right-hand drive cars – In the 10th of the twentieth century (from Austrian-Hungary and England) and in the recent 90s (mainly from Japan), but did not retreat from the established tradition and adopted standard. In contrast, let’s say from Sweden, which in 1967 crossed «on the left side on the right», To meet the standard of most European countries. The only state-known sanctioned retreat from the adopted standard – Ceremony of receiving a parade on May 9 on Red Square, when two cars ZIL move in left-hand mode.

Naturally, when traveling to countries with left-sided movement, our compatriots may have difficulties, mainly a psychological plan. An increasing number of our tourists give preference to travels to the country rented in the country.

Why in some countries left-sided movement

Here if in the country visits traffic mode – left-sided and the most difficulties arise. Home of them – Need to switch transmission «another» (unusual) hand – Loses relevance if the car is equipped with an automatic transmission. But still remain buttons of turns of turns and other control buttons – All of them in the right-hand drive car are located in the unusual our driver places, right up to the volume controller on the radio. Over time, these problems go, but at first you need to be extremely attentive.

Left-sided movement creates problems and ordinary, «Six» tourists. Unusually move the street, looking at the left left, and having reached the middle – right. Besides «Left-sided» Not a mirror «right-sidedness», She has its own features. For example, the movement of water transport in all countries, including with left-sided car traffic – right-hand. Therefore, tourist is «Right-sided» Countries remain single – carefully study the rules and the established traditions of movement in the countries of visits and strictly observe them.

Why in some countries left-sided movement

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