Why in some countries is not accepted in the house?

As far as I know, there are no peoples, cultures or religions that require constant wear of shoes in residential premises, but the removal of shoes before entering the residential part of the house is regulated by many cultures.

For example, in Japan, where the basis of the dimensional mesh of any home is tatami, it is strictly forbidden to walk on the floor, shining tatami, in shoes. Even inside the house for entering the toilet room use special slippers. ("My Planet" wrote about this in the article "What can not be done in Japan"). It should also be remembered that traditionally the Japanese during the food are located around the low table, sitting on the floor. They sleep on mattresses that spread directly on tatami.

In India, where the purity of the streets is the concept of relative, the removal of shoes at the entrance to the house is considered mandatory (nasty is considered as disrespect for the owners). In general, in the East, where food intake is traditionally carried out on the floor, sitting in squatting, shoes are always left behind the threshold. Lightweight shoes are popular in warm countries, often without a back, which is easy to shoot and wear. (How to get dressed in India, Morocco, Jordan, Tunisia or Japan, so as not to insult the nonsense to someone else’s culture and not cause dissatisfaction with the local population, we told in this material).

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A certain influence was provided for this tradition and religion. So, in Islam, the rite of purification before prayer involves the ablution and cleaning of the legs at the entrance to the mosque. In syntoism – from respect to the gods and departed ancestors and to preserve the cleanliness of their shower – praying shoot shoes to the temple threshold. The same regulations exist among the Jews, which are most likely oriented on instructions in the Torah about the need to remove shoes on the Holy Land.(Understand the topic – check your hand in the test "What do you know about Israel?".)

Why in some countries is not accepted in the house

Of course, there are differences in approaches to this issue due to the material situation. In large homes of secured people, there was always a servant that watched cleanliness. In addition, the house area has always been shared on the total, in which the shoes did not remove, and personal relatives, usually located on the second floor, where they always changed in more comfortable homemade shoes.

In most European countries, especially in Scandinavia and Russia, due to weather conditions, always coming into the house, shoot shoes, unless the owners insist on the opposite. Of course, in modern conditions, when many move on cars and are in contact with open urban spaces, many habits change.

In the US, most families adhere to traditions to shoot shoes at home, but there may be exceptions depending on the specific conditions or local traditions. I believe that the view is that in the West do not shoot shoes in the house, based on films in which you can often see people in the shoes on the bed, on the sofa and even on the table. Such ideas are not always correct. It can be said that with all national, material and cultural differences the predominant trend is the use of a house of special shoes other than the one in which we walk through the streets.

Why in some countries is not accepted in the house

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