Why in Scotland men wear skirts?

Say that men’s clothing are pants, it is impossible. Recall the story. Ancient Greeks wore chitons, that is, in fact, drapeted dresses, and the Romans put on armor over short tunics and believed pants barbaric indecent clothes (more in the article "My Planet" "Fashion Story".) At the same time, no one and thoughts emerge in their masculinity!

Yes, and in our days, men wear skirts not only in Scotland. So, in the countries of Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, on Sri Lanka – Male waist clothing is a sargon, draped skirt. The same clothes are Men Polynesia. An important part of the Japanese samurai costume – Draped Khakam, actually skirt-pants. One of the variants of the Chinese male costume – a long dress with a smell, rejected by a wide belt. In the hot Arab countries, men wear long white or colored shirts to the petes, which in different regions are called differently: Galabai, Taub, Diacka. They are also common in North and Central Africa.

Why Europeans prefer pants, unknown. Perhaps they are just cold. There is no definite answer and the question why Scots wear kilt. All because this tradition originates from the depths of centuries. However, the main version still exists – convenience. At first, Kilt was not worn by all the Scots, but only the mountains. He was a large nubized piece of woolen checkered fabric, which acted as a skirt, and the top of the clothes. It was the so-called big kilt. Such clothes were ideally suited for a rainy climate and highlands, as well warmed, perfectly dried, provided freedom of movement in the afternoon and became warm blanket at night. Later, about the XVIII century, when the need disappeared from the bad weather disappeared, a small kilt appeared, that is, the one we know now.

However, it is impossible to say that everything has become the climate. Enough to remember the ancient Greeks and the Romans who lived completely in other conditions.

Why in Scotland men wear skirts

But known the history of the Scottish Kilt ornament. In the manufacture of this clothing, a special fabric was traditionally used – tartan, woven from natural wool. Translated from Celtic, its name means "Cross-cross" or "color of the area". On the color and drawing of Tartan could be determined to which clan refers to the Scotman and from where it comes from. There is a version that Tartan’s drawings occurred from breeding tattoos.

In 1745, when the British were suppressed by the Yakobitov uprising, which sought to put on the throne of representatives of the Stuart dynasty, Kilt was banned. Due to this, when the ban was removed by the end of the XVIII century, many drawings were forgotten. Some of them are rebuilt from paintings and old books, and eventually there are many new cell variants. Now there are more than 6000.

Why in Scotland men wear skirts

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