Why in nature males bright, and females modest? And why do people have the opposite?

Survive the price of reproduction – winnings in tactics and loss in strategy. Life in any case is short, and the reproduction sends your genes to the future, actually providing you immortality. Therefore, the reproduction is the main biological task of all living things. And all that is connected with it is very important for us. But the most important thing here is the right choice of partner. And the process that is responsible for it is called sexual selection.

And now let’s see, let’s say on the rooster and chicken. The female is perfectly adapted to the environment. And cock? Comb, spurs, faded feathers. Everything that he differs from the female, it is not necessary for him to survive, but in order to mate with this female at any cost. Even contrary to health, safety and common sense.

But Pavlin. As you can, most of your life, grow such a non-coupling tail? Or deer – with such horns in the forest lose their head as nothing to do. And the lion is why it is batted in this meaningless mane?

All this is somehow strange. And nevertheless, evolution remains absolutely logical process. Just sometimes this logic is women’s.

Evolution moves two processes: natural selection and sex selection. But move in different directions. The purpose of natural selection is to adapt and survive. And the purpose of the sex – like and multiply. And therefore the latter can very quickly (according to evolutionary standards) to make the norm any female whim. All this insane and excellent kaleidoscope forms, colors and textures we owe exactly their feeling of beautiful. Animals have no mirrors, so you want to look at beautiful – decorate not yourself, and your male.

Sometimes males simplify the task and decide among themselves, who is the best – usually with the help of a kind of mordobius. And females look. Let the boys themselves decide who will be the best, we will arrange any option, because in any case we will get the winner genes. The sons of such dad will inherit its size, strength and aggressiveness and inhabit a bunch of grandchildren, for which everything has been stood.

As a result, the chain appears: some kind of female liked the long phases of feathers, his genes switched to his descendants, such pheasants became more and t. D.

The females of our ancestors preferred peaceful and friendly fathers to their children – and so reduced men fangs. But increased the membe to the maximum among the primates of the size, because in combination with shine it is beautiful. Removed bone from it – bakuum – so as not to doubt the power of male feeling.

There were disagreements: European-like women cultivated a beard in men, and the Mongoloid preferred that the beards were smaller.

Why in nature males bright, and females are modest and why do people have the opposite

But everyone successfully brought up generosity, reliability, courage, caring, creative and leadership qualities. And even the sense of humor and wit – also the result of sexual selection, talking about irresistible for us the combination of intelligence and life. In general, women worked well.

But men worked no worse, because their contribution to the cultivation of offspring gives the right to counter. Male sexual selection has brought up ass and chest in women, rightly deciding that it will decorate our pointer. And then the tuning of the female face, thoughts, souls, clothes, the ability to educate, to carry out the economy, worry and like. All our such natural, and unnatural female charms appeared thanks to male sexual selection.

Well, returning to the question from which we started. Why animals usually the male bright, and the female is inconspicuous? And why do people – on the contrary?

Open your eyes! Our men are as bright and attractive as women. Just in a few other categories, because by virtue of various gender roles, we chose each other in a little different markers of fitness. But now, when it became easier to grow children, and the society has become freer, these differences begin to wear and we choose each other and we are increasingly choosing each other, based on non-role values, but from universal.

Transfer "Animal Passion" on the TV channel "Live Planet". Many tricks of the relationship of men and women will become clear: they arose in nature long before the appearance of a person. Already on the air!

Why in nature males bright, and females are modest and why do people have the opposite

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