Why in love is worth visiting dubai

Soon on February 14 – Holiday Valentine’s Day or Day of Lovers. One of the most romantic and memorable periods of life for a couple of couples becomes joint travel. The choice of directions for their organization has an important meaning. After all, the impressions of this event will remain in memory and will serve as one of the bricks in building a happy and prosperous family life. And if we are talking about wedding travel – That is suppressed!

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Why it is worth choosing dubai

Dubai, located on the bank of the Persian Bay focused on the benefits of many resorts. Comfortable climate and lack of pronounced seasonality Distinctive features of this resort. This emirate combines the wealth of modern metropolis and gorgeous sea beaches.

When choosing a place of rest, it is very important not to be mistaken with the choice of hotel. A variety of options offered in Dubai can pose even an experienced traveler. Hotels located in the skyscrapers of the modern part of the city are adjacent to the more traditional Arab building and local flavor. For lovers settle in privacy from the fuss and energetic rhythm of the big city, Dubai will provide the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent sunsets on the shore of the bay among the endless desert.

Hotels located on the famous artificial island Palm-Jumeirar combine the quiet privacy of cozy villas and beautiful views of the sea. In the Dubai Marina area, hotels are glass skyscrapers that are around the amazing bay with yachts. From high-rise buildings a magnificent view of Palm-Jumeiraira island and sandy beaches. All hotels are offered spa treatments and sophisticated dishes in numerous restaurants. In addition to relaxing on the beach and enjoyment in Dubai’s spas, provides in love with couples numerous entertainment.

Where to have fun and what to see in Dubai

For those who are not afraid of heights, it is possible to visit the viewing platform of the highest skyscraper on our planet.

Why in love is worth visiting Dubai articles on tourism from the tourism
  • Burj Khalifa – This is a tower with a height of 828 meters, equipped with high-speed elevators and viewing platforms with impressive views of the city and water of the bay. If this seems a little, you can explore the city from the helicopter, ordering an individual excursion.
  • Adventure lovers will enjoy a balloon or safaris on SUVs in the desert.
  • Remembered and impressions of visiting the village of Bedouins with incendiary Arabic dancing, and a photo session on the dunes during sunset. You can ride on camels and quad bikes.
  • Diving lovers are provided with an excellent opportunity for dives, both in the Persian Gulf and the Giant Aquarium Atlantis. In addition, in the oceanarium, you can watch the life of marine inhabitants and enjoy the types of depths.
  • The present exotic in the middle of the desert is considered the indoor complex Sky-Dubai offering its visitors a real snow slopes with lifts.
  • In the area of ​​Jumeira, you can walk on the boat along winding canals. Traditional Local Boat Woods with vacationers sails from the pier with a view of the Arabic Bazaar.
  • Huge shopping centers and Dubai markets will not leave indifferent lovers of oriental goods and sweets, as well as shopping fans.
  • Romantic dinner for a couple of couples provide restaurants overlooking the Fountain complex in front of the Burj Khalif skyscraper. In the evenings there is a musical and light show fountains. This unforgettable spectacle in combination with European and Arabic cuisine will serve as an excellent completion of the fun.

Dubai Beautiful place for romantic travel. It will fall to taste, both lovers of measured beach and outdoor activities. In any case, a romantic journey to this emirate will leave a bright track in mind.

We also picked up for you some more romantic places that help to find inspiration for new travels for Valentine’s Day:

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