Why in huge China only one time zone?

What is the largest manufacturer of electronics in the world and Motherland Aliexpress. About it know all. But many of whether they know that in China there is one hour zone, despite the fact that its territory occupies five geographic time zones?

Very often, this information enters into a stupor of tourists who are visited by China for the first time. Let’s figure it out in detail why it happened.

The history of the clocks of the belts

In order to understand this situation, it is necessary to get acquainted with the history of temporary belts.

Due to the rapid development of Western civilization, in the XIX century, the question of synchronization of the concept of time in all countries of the world was. At that time, railway communication, international stock exchanges and other achievements of developed civilizations were actively developed, which demanded accuracy in time.

Therefore, an international conference was organized, during which the concept of geographic latitudes, time of day, duration of hours, was argued, and the time of Greenwich was established as an international.

And what in China?

China in that time segment was scattered into many separate provinces and unorganized education. China was an agrarian country that has greatly lagged behind the rest of the states in technological development. More than 90% of the population at that time was engaged in agriculture. The situation in it further aggravated the constant confrontation of the internal provinces for the spheres of influence, as well as often emerging military conflicts with more developed neighboring countries.

In this regard, China simply had no need to synchronize his time with generally accepted global calculus.

The situation has changed dramatically in 1928, when China finally came to a single management in the country. The territory of the state was divided into time zones, where each of five such belts was about 15 degrees of latitude.

Why in huge China only one time zone

But already in 1949, after coming to power of the Chinese Communist Party, Mao Zedong, the first Chairman of the Party, decided that in China, for the sake of the unity of the state, should be one standard time for all. One of the most important causes of entering throughout the country of a single time zone was the need for simultaneous broadcast of news throughout the country.

How many time zones in China are now?

Despite the fact that in fact China spread out in the territory of five time zones, the whole country lives only in Beijing time (GMT / UTC +8), ahead of Moscow for 5 hours.

Therefore, in our time there is a certain collapse, which introduces some tourists into a state of misunderstanding, because in the western regions, the country starts the world around 10 am, local time, and in the eastern provinces, twilight can come immediately after dinner.

To level this feature, in Western provinces, for example, in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, offices and various government agencies begin their work at 10 am on Beijing time.

And if you try to answer the question of how many time zones in China and why in a huge country in the country there is one for all time, it will sound so – Because such a decision adopted the Communist Party of this State!

Why in huge China only one time zone

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