Why in hotels across beds put narrow bedspreads

First, they are designed to protect the sheet (or blanket), which is stuck a bed from pollution. This is especially true in close numbers where there was no place for an extensive table. When disassembling a suitcase, the tourist simply has nowhere to lay out things from it, here it comes to the aid narrow bedspread. However, it can be used not only to unpack things, but also for seating on the bed without risk to stain sheets. Upon returning from a walk, you can bounce on the cape right in the upper clothes.

Secondly, mini-bedspreads will be very useful for people having a habit of eating in bed. For this, of course, you can use a tray, but the food has a property from it, and coffee – spill, and right on the sheet. To protect it from pollution, it is very convenient to use a narrow cape. In the case of a shedding of juice, the tourist does not have to wait three days until the bed will be replaced, since the colored liquid will absorb the covers.

Why in hotels across beds put narrow bedspreads

Well, thirdly, the mini cape still performs the decorative function. Thined across the snow-white sheets, she gives the number to the charm of elegant, but nonsense of luxury. Among interior designers, this technique is considered to be win-win, so hotels apply it everywhere.

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