Why in cheese holes?

Holes in the cheese perform a very important function – informative. A man who disassembled in the cheese will immediately understand what product will be to taste and how well there are technologies.

Holes in cheese – eyes, as specialists call them, do not mouse and not even bacteria, as previously thought. They are formed during the ripening of cheese. In 2015, Swiss scientists found that the cause of the appearance of the eyes is the chemical process.

As a result of fermentation from milk, carbon dioxide is released from milk, which concentrates in the raw mass, forming peculiar bubbles. They do not rise to the surface and simply freeze, then the empties are obtained.

Their size depends on the enzymes used that affect the taste quality of the product, and thermal processing. For example, in cheese Maasdam, in the manufacture of which the thermophilic starter is used, the holes are huge. They are formed at the second stage of production. First, the cheese matures at 10 ° C, then sent to the thermal chamber with a temperature of about 18-20 ° C. There, for two or three weeks, the head develops, and in about the 20s, eyes appear. After that, the cheese returns to the chamber with a temperature of 10 ° C. The total period of its maturation is at least 75 days.

Why in cheese holes

our cheese has another drawing, rather resembling gaps than holes. This pattern is created due to the special technique of cheese grain.

Assume that cheese without holes is better not to buy, not quite right. If it was used not a gas-forming microflora, there will be no eyes by definition. Consequently, they are an indicator of quality only where production technology is provided. So, the eyes must be in Dutch, Swiss cheese, Maasdam. But, for example, Cheddar is practically "blind" as parmesan.

What cheese should be given for a birthday and why in southern Italy will never work out a good parmesan, "my planet" told the hereditary Italian cheese. By the way, do you know that employees with musical hearing are working on some cheesemarts in Italy? They knock the silver hammer on the cheese heads to hear whether they have licensed.

Why in cheese holes

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