Why in Bulgaria everywhere hang people?

Walk through a quiet street, and from all sides you look at you pictures. They hang on trees, stands, doors, stops, boards near temples. Not knowing the Bulgarian, you might think that these are either those whom the police are looking for, which I want to start packing suitcases or missing. In fact, these are homemade necrologists.

Cemeteries in Bulgaria, of course, are, but necrologists are customary to be placed near the house where the dead man livel. On the A4 sheet, his photograph, the name, the time of death or the indication of what period passed from the sorrowful day, and at the bottom – the quatrains with warm words. For greater safety, the sheet is put in the file, and then placed on the spot.

First, he is changed on the 9th and 40th day after death, next time – for a year, and then annually for 40 years or until those who can do it. The essence of the tradition is that at the sight of a mournful leaf, everyone can stop and throw the deceased.

It is believed that the tradition arose in the middle of the XIX century. And when in the 1940s, necrologists of individuals were forbidden to post in the newspapers, it went universally. Do not notify this way about your loss was considered a bad tone, disrespect for the memory of the deceased. Sorrowful sheets hung not only family members and friends, but also labor collectives, trade union organizations. As a result of necrologists, there was so much that the authorities were defeated. But it was not possible to limit their distribution.

First of time, such sheets were printed in printing houses, now funeral agencies are engaged in this, but you can use the home printer.

This is also found in some other Balkan countries, but nowhere has not received such distribution as in Bulgaria.

Tourists and expatures relate to tradition ambiguous.

Cheroki, People & Countries: Beautiful. I like it. So I died!

Why in Bulgaria everywhere hang people

Uuliya Korshyn, Live Journal: Horror. Everywhere corpses. I do not understand.

Alya, BG Life.RU: This is one of the isolated examples of what we do not like here.

Of course, it’s not very nice to look at the dead everywhere, and these flyers fasten literally where. But the main thing is unpleasant that they spoil the appearance of settlements. Fasten on stopping pavilions, and on the walls of other people’s houses, fences, even just on the trunks of trees are fixed with buttons.

Good Bee, BG Life.RU: First, it really strains a little that laters are watching you on all sides (and these ads are disclosed very often), but you get used to. In the end, death is an integral part of life.

F L O E, "Live Journal": I’m still in Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia, saw a lot. Only they are hanging on special boards on the square. In small towns – on the central, in large – on the district.

Why in Bulgaria everywhere hang people

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