Why Go to the largest waterfall in Europe

On Earth, there are many interesting places that must be seen with your own eyes. Quality photos posted in the tourist sites, will not give the atmosphere that reigns there. Rhine Falls – the attractive destination for tourists from around the world. Because this is not just another tourist attraction in Switzerland, but also the largest waterfall in Europe.

Noisy streams of water descend rapidly down in any weather. It is worth the distance to see the Rhine Falls with my own eyes.

Getting there: The trip features

Rhine waterfall reach several ways.

First method through Germany, second way through – Switzerland.

If you select the first way, it is necessary to fly to Stuttgart. After the airport to go to the station and buy a ticket on the train Stuttgart Schaffhausen. The ticket will cost no more than 20 euros. It has to be in the path 2 chasa. You can rent a car – it is inexpensive, and go to the waterfall, including GPS navigation.

Cross the border into Switzerland is easy, because there Simplified access control. Enough to have a passport or other identity documents. They should hold in their hands while crossing the border. Only you can not wear sunglasses and other accessories camouflage. If you do this, the Swiss service can make all the grounds for the detention of foreign nationals.

Another way to get to the Rhine Falls – to come to Zurich (Zurich, you can get cheap, if you fly via Warsaw). Zurich shuttle train to Schaffhausen. From Schaffhausen you can reach the waterfall local transport. There runs a walking bus. It is a machine in the form of a locomotive, with many booths. This makes it possible for many tourists to explore the city, and see not only the waterfall, but the several sights.

Local transport for tourists will help save money, their strength. The main thing – to find out the schedule at the beginning of transport to have time to go back (to the hotel, hostel).

Why Go to the largest waterfall in Europe

New impressions

Rhine Falls makes an impression on all tourists. Even locals with all their employment come here at the weekend, to see the blue water of the river and its raging.

Travelers this place attracts mystery. Here are located great castles, ancient footbridge. Most people have a desire to swim as close as possible to the waterfall, but it is forbidden to do, because the water in the river is cool and there is a danger to life.

Swim closer to the Korean waterfall can only be on the boat. The walk is worth 8 francs, it lasts about 40 minutes. It is absolutely safe way to be in the center of events. Before boarding the ship should not forget about warm things. It is best to throw a jacket with a hood or ask a raincoat. Waterproof clothing for the entire tour group have guides.

After the walk, you can visit restaurant overlooking the waterfall. It is also possible to climb up to the ancient castle. The only entrance to the castle surcharge. Special excursions are inexpensive. The lion’s share of the budget will be spent on food and housing allowance. In Switzerland, the food expensive, and the service quality is different, though, but rather the high cost of services.

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