Why go to Dublin Castle

The capital, the main port of Ireland, Dublin has a centuries-old history, which makes it so attractive for travelers. If there is no time to inspect all the attractions, it is worth visiting the Dublin Castle, which is not only The main attraction of the city, But the whole country.

Dublin Castle changed his roles as often as the queen of his outfits. At first he was a defensive fortress, then the royal residence, a military garrison, the building of parliament and the court, now it The main government structure, Place for the reception of official delegations and foreign presidents. But when there are no meetings of important persons in the castle, the territory is open to tourist visits. The entrance to the lock itself is available only in the group accompanied by a guide.

Dublin Castle can safely be called one of The most powerful buildings of Ireland. Yes, because of the change of destination, he externally changed and improved, but in modern form it is worth the eight centuries and, judging by his state, is ready to withstand even at least as much. Unchanged from the moment of erection as a Norman building Only the tower remained a record.

What to look inside?

  • Church of the Holy Trinity or the royal chapel, where there are chamber concerts among other things, for which you can buy a ticket. The interior made in the Gothic style fascinates: massive carved oak panels are supplemented with medieval stained glass windows;
  • Why go to Dublin Castle
  • Chester Bitty Library. This is, first of all, a museum in which the unique antique and medieval collections of manuscripts are collected, such as the Bible and the Quran, books and other works of art. The basis is the private exposition of the American-Industrialist Alfred Chester Bitty;
  • Birmingham Tower;
  • Throne room;
  • Round dining room.

A cozy cafe is located on the territory, which offers a wonderful view of a well-groomed green area. Prices should be recognized, a little higher than in urban establishments, but the atmosphere of the place quite justifies the costs.

In addition to the constant exposition of royal attributes, relics and furniture, temporary exhibitions are confined, the topics of which vary. And every spring (in early May) it takes music Festival Modern music.

How to get?

Dublin Castle is located almost in the center of the same name of the city of the same name, at 16 Castle St, Jamestown, Dublin 2, so it’s not difficult to get to it. Before him Eight bus routes continued, Hiking tourists can be walking along the central streets of the capital along the way, and motorists can leave personal transport on one of the numerous paid parking lots.

Today, anyone who wants to disappear inside, regardless of their status: whether it is a winsted knight or richest ruler. The main landmark of Ireland holds his Doors open And ready to introduce your story!

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