Why go to Cambodia?

Why go to Cambodia? Beaches, the sea, drugs are all, of course, in excess, but they still do not go there. Angkor – That’s where most tourists are sent. Especially those who have a little time. So we planned to rent from Thailand. View Angkor and Quickly, literally through a week.

Angkor – In fact, this is a huge territory of ancient cities, close to which there is a modern city of Siem Reap. There are all tourists and live. We arrived there already a dinner field and went to seek accommodation.

On the first day they stopped in some very terrible place. I remember, removed the number in the Geste, in which Wi-Fa was caught only in the lobby, but I urgently needed something to see. I descend – the evening, dark, nifiga is not visible, only the outlines of a large black leather sofa and a pair of seats can be distinguished in the semi-tracker. I sit in the chair, turn on the laptop and understand that something is wrong with me – the sofa looks at me! Blinks, says something like "You will be?" (I do not remember in which language) and stretches the jamb. Here it comes to me that I woke up some black guy who lay on that sofa, merging with him in the semit. This blinking sofa is probably remember forever.

I will not tell about Angkor, everything is very detailed in the photoblog. We also stayed there instead of one week two more than very surprised by the holders of the gestra – in the city rarely who stops more than 3-4 days. In general, the place is quite peculiar – I did not let the feeling of danger. It seems good everything, and there is no reason to worry, but the subconsciousness constantly stated the opposite. Got acquainted with our guys who live in Cambodia for more than one year – they confirmed my suspicions, told all sorts of horror. For example, that it is not necessary to appear outside the tourist routes after sunset, for the population is often drug addict and after the civil war armed to the teeth.

It should be noted that Cambodia – the country is very poor. Heard about the bloody mode of red khmer? So it was here and it was quite recent. All educated population was cut out in the literal sense of the word (it was expensive to shoot) and all were forced to work in the fields. No money. Now only the situation has become improved, but the people live in complete poverty. There are no social programs there, no pensions. That with health care – I do not know. I suspect that at all in any way for most people. It’s like in the USA – no money, remember how you want. Therefore, on tourists here look like on the aliens from another world and try to shout out money. I think this picture characterizes the entire economic situation in the country.

Although we have been and far away after sunset in one village, where the genc lost her phone. I was looking for the whole village until it was dark, and then returned in the blue reap on bikes in full darkness, the good that was a WPS with me. Nothing, rehearse.

Okay, about horror it – it’s all the fairy tales, probably, and everything seemed to me. Khmers – guys, though not very smiling, but still, in my opinion, good.

Angkor with Siem Reap – they are in the center of the country, we decided not to run back in Thailand, and closer to the sea, south. Usually everyone goes to the beaches in Sihanoukville, but we are forever pulls where it is not necessary. Well, someone does not need, but for some reason it is necessary. Saw on the map the city with the name Campot – how not to visit him? Forward!

The city is small but pretty. Thanks to the French-Coloniatricians who were attended all sorts of houses, and then dumped. You will be in Kampote – Take the Motionate Be sure to ride in Kep. They say, there must certainly try local blue crabs. Do not believe! The main thing there is an incredibly fragrant pepper, with which they make sauce for these very crabs. All power in sauce! And in pepper, of course.

Sihanoukville – a city in which there is nothing to do and nothing to watch. No, of course, if you like to eat something humbly and make raids on all sorts of bars and other clubs in search of exotic extreme young ladies with lightweight behavior – congratulations, you are in paradise. The rest can be stopped in Sihanville only to swim, sleep and dump somewhere. For example, in Thailand, to which there is already not far.

We were forced to stay – I have and work, in the end of the ends.

I remembered, by the way, one moment. Once, immediately after the end of the institute, I worked in the same Research Institute in the Moscow region. Opposite my table hung a great calendar filled in most part types of tropical islands. All as it should be: sea, palm trees, sand. So now I had the same view from the workplace, only in full size. After all, then, ten years ago, and I could not imagine what is possible.

Several pictures

Why go to Cambodia

Ruins in an ankor, one of their ancient temples.

Here they filmed the episode in "Crowders of tomb" with jolie.

View from the illuminated world of Khmer.

Angcard Business Card – Main Temple.

Girl celebrated somewhere in ruins.

Nature takes the situation in their hands. Supports and at the same time destroys the hands of human hands.

Girl who got a job somewhere with chips. Next to some village.

Why go to Cambodia

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