Why go to Bali and why return there.Part I

Indonesia is a huge country consisting of a variety of islands, but Bali remains the most attractive and fascinating. Island manitis with its energy and mystical power. Leave for the equator to find yourself to stay to return again and again.

Pleasant soft and wet climate, summer all year round. Everywhere greens, hilly terrain, majestic volcanoes. Beautiful mountains, cauting on which you can touch clouds, small villages with friendly Balinese, fishing marina, waterfalls, wild beaches with white or with volcanic sand. And the air! His want to take into Moscow.

And, of course, surfing where without surfing? Even if you do not decorate to conquer the ocean, go and look at surficists worth. These awesome guys can wait for a long time "His wave", Skipping those that smaller and in one moment begin to row powerfully, and in the next moment they jump on the board to fly hardly touching the surface of the water. If you still try this sport, then felt on yourself, what it’s like to wait for a wave for a long time to drive less than a minute, and despite the strong waves and escape the board, you will swim deep into wave. The Balians themselves almost do not ride at Seref, mostly are handsome autrants, for them Bali, as for us the Black Sea coast – close and cheap.

The indigenous Balinese is very friendly and glad to tourists. Especially sociable sellers all sorts of either are offered to refresh the tropical fruit or purchase various decorations, paintings or ethnic crafts from wood. But you should ask you something as they forget about the trade in the moment and begin to talk about life on the island. These seemingly ordinary people have magical attractiveness and infinite friendly.

Most materially poor people are very rich in spiritually, there is almost no one who would not smile and did not say hello to a passing foreigner. Balinese confess one of the varieties of Hinduism, very believe in the spirits and trying to be friends with them, and it does not matter, evil spirit or kind. Everyone uses everything: from tissues and fruits to cigarettes and cookies. You can often see women with children on the porch at home engaged in the manufacture of square baskets (Chang), they are put in front of the house, and in every house there is a small temple.

It is worth meeting with local youth, perhaps someone will have its own gallery or surfing club, someone can take you to the most beautiful beach and there to see the sunset, and they are on Bali amazing beauty.

Why go to Bali and why i

Someone will show local fishing or rice field, not sharpened by tourist.

And if you have long wanted to ride a scooter or even a motorcycle, but you don’t have it, then you can carry it out on Bali in two bills, most likely no one will ask about rights. There is no other way to move, the cars are standing in traffic jams that the yurik motorcyclists are very convenient to overcome, but there is no public transport on the island, it replaces taxi.

You can talk about Bali for a long time, write a book, live there for years and still do not see everything, everyone does not know, everything is not feeling.
Despite the fact that the road to the island will take many hours of flights, with confidence you can declare: "It is worth it! After all, on Bali then go back there!"

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